The Symphony is Here!

Today I received in the mail my copy of the import version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for PS1. This copy was a brand new, PSOne Books rerelease. I got it for $30 and it looks fantastic!

[ 悪魔城ドラキュラX ]



Big Saturn Score + more!

In the past three weeks, I have picked up quite a bit for my collection. Here is what I acquired:

From my local EB Games:
Time Crisis 3, PS2, new, $50 — Yes, I admit I paid way too much for this given its age even though it was the package with the GunCon 2.

Taiko Drum Master, PS2, new, $30 — I wanted to get this for about $17 that many have been saying they got it for at GameCrazy, but when I checked, it was being sold for about $60! My local GameCrazy has never impressed me once. Every time I go in there everything is always so ridiculously overpriced!

Wipeout Fusion, PS2, fine, complete, $6 — Got this for the sake of completing my collection of Wipeout games for the Sony consoles.

Apocalypse, PS1, v. fine, complete, $3 — A crappy little Bruce Willis action game that I got rid of a long time ago and wanted to relive the lame one-liners.

Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, PS1, near mint, complete, $9 — I have very fond memories of playing the original RE when it came out and revisiting the awful dialog that this game has makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

And lastly, we have my jumpstart into collecting for the Sega Saturn. I acquired it all for $100! Here is what I got:

Sega Saturn system, v. fine/near mint, complete
Sega Saturn controllers x2, v. fine, controllers only
4MB RAM cart, mint, cart only
Memory Card Plus, mint, cart only

Virtua Cop, near mint/mint, complete
Virtua Cop 2, near mint, complete (w/ box and Stunner light gun)
Fighters Megamix, near mint/mint, complete
Virtua Fighter 2, near mint/mint, complete
Mortal Kombat II, mint, complete
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, near mint/mint, complete
Die Hard Arcade, mint, complete
X-Men: Children of the Atom, fine, complete
Marvel Super Heroes, near mint/mint, complete
X-Men vs. Street Fighter, near mint/mint, complete
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, v. fine, no manual
Virtua Fighter Remix, fine, complete

That is a pretty good start for my Saturn collection! Before all of this, I only had three games for it, those being Night Warriors, King of Fighters ’97, and Vampire Savior. Also, if anyone has a spare MSH vs. SF manual and/or Saturn longbox they are willing to part with, send a message my way!

[ Taiko, WO Fusion, & Time Crisis 3 | Apocalypse & RE: DC | Saturn, 4MB cart, & Mem. Card Plus | VF2, Fighters Megamix, MKII, & UMK3 | Virtua Cop 2 w/ Stunner | X-Men CotA, MSH, Die Hard, & Virtua Cop | XM vs. SF, MSH vs. SF, & VF Remix ]