Must Have Programs

When most people think about image editing programs, the one that always comes to mind is Adobe Photoshop and the same is true of office suites, always Microsoft Office. Well, there are alternatives for people who would rather take the time to create and be productive instead of creating a big empty space in their wallet.

The first program is The GIMP. It is just as fully featured and robust as Adobe Photoshop, only without the freak-out price. In other words, it costs you nothing.

The second program is OpenOffice. It, also, is just as fully featured and robust as Microsoft Office and it also costs you no money. OpenOffice can read and write the same file formats as MS Office as well as its own formats so you can be sure others who still pay too much for their office suite to be able to read your files.

Both programs are available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and even a few others, so be sure to check them out! You’ll wonder why you were still paying hundreds of dollars.



I Don’t Get It

This is exactly how I feel about the new immigration bill being protested in the United States.


PS3 Now Officially Kicks Your Ass!

When I found out the PS3 will be region-free, I just about crapped my pants! I love importing games that don’t come to North America, especially fighting games. This is great news because it will open up other games to people who were interested in importing, but didn’t want to shell out for the means to play them. I have been importing games since about 1997 on the Saturn and being able to play imports without needing to buy another system, getting a mod-chip installed, a new flip-top lid, or what-have-you will be awesome!


More Rocking!

Today, I made it through and completed all of the songs on medium difficulty in Guitar Hero. I also have most of them five starred as well. I have tried some of the first few songs on hard and they are not too bad until I first tried Smoke On The Water. That one stopped me quick with the gratuitous use of the dreaded fifth orange button, which makes me have to move around my whole hand a lot more than I’m used to so far. So yeah, hard difficulty is beating my ass!

My five most favorite songs to play at the moment:
Fire It Up
Cheat On The Church
Caveman Rejoice

My pick for the absolute worst songs in the game:
Farewell Myth by Made In Mexico
Sail Your Ship By by Count Zero

I wouldn’t even call either of these things songs at all! They sound like a bunch of monkeys pounding on instruments and calling it music! They are not fun to listen to, let alone, play. I have no idea why Harmonix put these pieces of trash into the game when the rest of the songs are at least fun to play if not all that great to listen to.


Let’s Rokk!

Two days ago, I picked up Guitar Hero and let me tell you this game is so fun! My favorite song to play is Symphony of Destruction. I am making my way through normal difficulty right now. I recommend this game to anyone who has any remote interest in rhythm games, it is a blast!

If there are any other Heroes out there, feel free to comment on what your favorite song to play is!


The Color of Black

This is my first mini-review and it is on the PlayStation 2 version of Black.

My first impression when playing Black was not as good as it would be for most. The reason is that I had seen so much gameplay footage in the month and a half before it came out that it didn’t wow me as much as it would have had I not have seen all of the cool explosions and gun play that is in the game. That being said, I still had a lot of fun with Black.

One of the first things I noticed about the game was that the default controls are perfect. I felt the mapping of what buttons did which actions was spot on and the most impressive thing I felt was that the analog stick sensitivity was so good! I never felt it was too loose or too tight, it always felt just right, which is great since a first-person shooter on a console is already at a disadvantage because the mouse and keyboard is really the optimal control scheme from such games.

The game itself was very short overall, although all of the levels with the exception of the first one are very long. The first level clocks in at about 9 minutes and every other one after is about 45-60 minutes on average on your first play. The length of levels is both good and bad. The good is that you can get immersed, but the bad is that if you die and want to go back to the level and try it later, then you’ll have to start it completely over which is a bummer when you are 40 minutes into a level and you don’t want to lose your progress.

If you love first-person shooters and go into it knowing not to expect too much from it, then there is a good amount of fun to be had with Black.

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Value: 6
Reviewer’s Tilt: 7