More Rocking!

Today, I made it through and completed all of the songs on medium difficulty in Guitar Hero. I also have most of them five starred as well. I have tried some of the first few songs on hard and they are not too bad until I first tried Smoke On The Water. That one stopped me quick with the gratuitous use of the dreaded fifth orange button, which makes me have to move around my whole hand a lot more than I’m used to so far. So yeah, hard difficulty is beating my ass!

My five most favorite songs to play at the moment:
Fire It Up
Cheat On The Church
Caveman Rejoice

My pick for the absolute worst songs in the game:
Farewell Myth by Made In Mexico
Sail Your Ship By by Count Zero

I wouldn’t even call either of these things songs at all! They sound like a bunch of monkeys pounding on instruments and calling it music! They are not fun to listen to, let alone, play. I have no idea why Harmonix put these pieces of trash into the game when the rest of the songs are at least fun to play if not all that great to listen to.



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