Must Have Programs

When most people think about image editing programs, the one that always comes to mind is Adobe Photoshop and the same is true of office suites, always Microsoft Office. Well, there are alternatives for people who would rather take the time to create and be productive instead of creating a big empty space in their wallet.

The first program is The GIMP. It is just as fully featured and robust as Adobe Photoshop, only without the freak-out price. In other words, it costs you nothing.

The second program is OpenOffice. It, also, is just as fully featured and robust as Microsoft Office and it also costs you no money. OpenOffice can read and write the same file formats as MS Office as well as its own formats so you can be sure others who still pay too much for their office suite to be able to read your files.

Both programs are available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and even a few others, so be sure to check them out! You’ll wonder why you were still paying hundreds of dollars.



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