Wii Don’t Like It!

I know there are tons of others making similar posts about the new Revolution name change, but I’ll take my turn too.

The Nintendo Wii? How about NO! This name is the absolute worst ever!

Others are trying to make it seem better than it is by pointing out that the Dreamcast was a bad name and they are fine with it now. No. The Dreamcast is still a craptastic name! We have had many years to get used to it, but that doesn’t make it a better name. And now, we have an even worse name for a console!

Nintendo had already built up name recognition for the system in all of this time that they have been calling it the Revolution and now they go and throw that out the window for a new name that, not only, doesn’t have any name recognition, but is also awful!




As you have no doubt already noticed, I have a new profile banner. Being the fighting game collector that I am, I decided to commission Hart704 to do an Iori Yagami banner for me. He’s my favorite character from the King of Fighters series and I can’t wait to be able to import King of Fighters XI for PS2 coming this June.

Also, hopefully I will get to level 21 tomorrow. It seems like level 20 puts you in a choke hold for what seems like forever! I don’t like being a metal slime that much!