PS2 Trio

Today I picked up three new games for PS2. Darkwatch, God of War, and Jak X: Combat Racing. All were $20 each.

I have more coming from Play-Asia and JapanGameStock for Saturn, PS1, and PS2 in the near future.

[ Darkwatch, God of War, & Jak X ]



Top Games of E3

Now that E3 is over and I have had some time to digest all of the games that were shown there, I will now present to you my list of top games at E3. There are no games on this list that are strictly for PC or Xbox(360). This is because this list is according to me and is based on systems I already have or am interested in getting in the future. Without further adieu, here are my top 18 games of E3 in no particular order.

1. God Hand [PS2]
2. Okami [PS2]
3. God of War II [PS2]
4. Heavenly Sword [PS3]
5. Guitar Hero II [PS2]
6. Yakuza [PS2]
7. Stranglehold [PS3]
8. Unreal Tournament 2007 [PS3]
9. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [GC | Wii]
10. Resistance: Fall of Man [PS3]
11. Persona 3 [PS2]
12. Star Fox DS [DS]
13. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass [DS]
14. Painkiller [PS2]
15. WarioWare: Smooth Moves [Wii]
16. Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 [PS2]
17. Virtua Fighter 5 [PS3]
18. Tekken 6 [PS3]

I gotta say, from the looks of things, the PS2 doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all when it comes to a large amount of great looking games that are still on the horizon for release. I can’t say the same for two other current-gen systems that I know of!


On The Down-Halo

OK, hey, I have something to get off of my chest, so lets cut to the chase.

PS3 launch vs. Halo 3 release
I am just so sick and tired of people talking about how if Halo 3 is released around the same time as the PS3 launch that it will effect the PS3 launch in a negative way. No it won’t. (I am not a fanboy of any company, so don’t go there!) What makes Halo 3 so devastating to the PS3? I can’t see it and I don’t understand it. Well, it is hard to understand reasoning from these people when they don’t give any in the first place. Halo is popular, yes, but it also completely expected that there is going to be a third one. If anybody is that much of a Halo zealot, they would already know it will be on the Xbox 360 and they have already bought the system or have made plans to buy the system for that game alone anyway. This is also an apples-to-oranges comparison. A system launch vs. a game release. Which is more exciting regardless of what system or game you are talking about? Of course the system launch is much more exciting overall! System launches only happen every 4-5 years; games are released weekly, if not daily.

If you already care about Halo enough, you’ll get it regardless of whether or not you want a PS3. If you don’t care about Halo, like me, you won’t be persuaded to get a 360 for it.

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