Purchases of June

This past month I got six games and two controllers from various places. Here is what I procured:

EB Games
Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, PS2, EX-, $11

It’s About Games
N64 Controller (clear), near mint, $8
It is so hard to find a used controller for this system that is in acceptable condition that when I found this one, I was both surprised and happy.

Final Doom, PS1, near mint, $10

PS2 Sega Saturn controller (grey), new, $39
Best digital pad ever!

Die Hard Trilogy, PS1, new, $7
A nearly 10 year old game and I got a new, sealed copy! Yay!

Soul Calibur III, PS2, new, $15
Tekken 3, PS1, new, $9
First of two orders this month from Play-Asia. All you people who payed $50 for SCIII are suckers! Ha ha. I imported mine and got it super cheap and this particular version is entirely in English too! Take that! Also got one of those Dead Rising stickers as seen in Jeff’s Xbox 360 shipment video.

King of Fighters XI, PS2, new, $63
Second of the two orders from Play-Asia. This was just released last week and I finally received my copy. Came with a preorder extra of a package of promo art cards. This time I got two stickers, another Dead Rising one and one for Rockman ZX, which I believe is a DS game coming to Japan soon.

[ Tekken 3, Final Doom, & Die Hard Trilogy | PS2 Saturn controller & N64 controller | Onimusha 3 & Soul Calibur III | King of Fighters XI ]



Pick 5 (#2)


A new Pick 5 on GameSpot means a new Pick 5 from me. This time the question was “Pick 5 games you haven’t played, but should.” My five were selected from my collection of games that I have played some of, but then put down and have not picked back up again. In no particular order, they are:

1. Chrono Cross (PS)
One of only four games on Gamespot to receive a perfect score and I am letting it sit on my shelf. I am not much for RPGs, so that is a main reason why I haven’t picked it up again.

2. Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
I started playing the Resident Evil series back when the first one came out in 1996. I loved the game and got into the second one as well. After RE2, I didn’t play the series anymore until this one because the old control scheme got on my nerves. I was glad Capcom ported the game to the PS2 since getting a Gamecube for one game was out of the question. I finally got it, played for a bit and then put it up since.

3. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
Here is the another game that received a perfect score from GS that is on my list! I am starting to feel pretty guilty while writing this that I have barely played not one, but two of the four perfectly scored games. I surmise one of the reasons is that I didn’t own a Nintendo 64 at the time it was current, so the urgency to play it from the hype isn’t around anymore. That and I am not really much of a Zelda fan.

4. Katamari Damacy (PS2)
I got this as a gift for Christmas shortly after it came out because I love crazy, quirky, and strange games. I played the first few levels and the haven’t been back to it since.

5. God of War (PS2)
To be fair, I waited to get this game until it was a greatest hit, since I knew it would be for sure. When it originally came out, I played the first level demo and loved it immediately. I now have my own copy and have still been putting it off because of other games I have been distracted by recently, namely fighting games (big surprise to many of you I’m sure). In fact, I’m going to blame Capcom for releasing Street Fighter II in 1991 for introducing me to my favorite genre for the neglect I have been giving these games. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would have already played more than half of these games.


Fighting Game Smorgasbord

SFIII 3rd Strike – match #1

I have decided, with all of the user videos being uploaded here and the fact that level 10 and up non-paying members can now upload as well, to start by uploading some matches from various fighting games. These were hand-picked (or is it clicked?) by me from the various sites I watch these matches on regularly. I selected the best and most intense matches from many different fighting games to give a variety to watch.

This one here is the first one I uploaded and is a Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike match featuring Makoto vs. Dudley. You can check out the rest in my video section. I hope you all enjoy.


Pick 5

These are the five games in my collection currently that I think makes me cool. This was posted in response to the new Pick 5 feature on Gamespot.

1. Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (PCE)
That’s right, the TurboGrafx version, on HuCard at that, not even on CD like Fighting Street! Sure, the voices don’t sound all that great and the visuals pale in comparison to the SNES version, but for a system that isn’t even true 16-bit, it plays really well and looks good for a title on this system using the HuCard format.

2. Tobal 2 (PS)
A fighting game series by Square? WTF? Yeah, I enjoyed Tobal No. 1 for more than just the Final Fantasy VII demo that came with it that I was bummed when its sequel wasn’t being released outside Japan. All of the rave reviews it was getting in magazines at the time made me want it even more.

3. X-Men vs. Street Fighter (SAT)
Probably one of the best arcade to console ports ever thanks to the 4MB RAM cart required to play this great game. You can stick with your butchered PS1 versions, I’ll play the one all of the cool people play.

4. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PS2)
I selected this one because it is probably the most valuable title in my collection at the moment. Valued at about $75 on the secondary market.

5. Akumajo Dracula X: Gekka no Yasokyoku (PS)
All of the cool people know this better as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. They also know that this version has way better box art than that lame North American version. Konami needs to make more 2D Castlevanias for consoles and not just portables since the 3D ones are so boring.


Six More

Thanks to this thread in the Candid Collectors Union, I was made aware of the current sale of ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ for used games going on now at EB Games. So, I decided to go check it out and see what I could procure from their remaining stock of PS1 stuff since they are no longer accepting anything for trade-in from before the current generation of games. Here is what I got:

Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny, PS2, EX+, complete, $6
Tekken, PS1, NM, complete, $free
Tekken 2, PS1, NM, complete, $free
Dynasty Warriors, PS1, EX-, complete, $6
Star Gladiator, PS1, VG+, complete, $4
Dragon Warrior VII, PS1, NM/Mint, complete, $15

[ Tekken 1 & 2, Dynasty Warriors, Star Gladiator | Onimusha 2 & Dragon Warrior VII ]