Purchases of June

This past month I got six games and two controllers from various places. Here is what I procured:

EB Games
Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, PS2, EX-, $11

It’s About Games
N64 Controller (clear), near mint, $8
It is so hard to find a used controller for this system that is in acceptable condition that when I found this one, I was both surprised and happy.

Final Doom, PS1, near mint, $10

PS2 Sega Saturn controller (grey), new, $39
Best digital pad ever!

Die Hard Trilogy, PS1, new, $7
A nearly 10 year old game and I got a new, sealed copy! Yay!

Soul Calibur III, PS2, new, $15
Tekken 3, PS1, new, $9
First of two orders this month from Play-Asia. All you people who payed $50 for SCIII are suckers! Ha ha. I imported mine and got it super cheap and this particular version is entirely in English too! Take that! Also got one of those Dead Rising stickers as seen in Jeff’s Xbox 360 shipment video.

King of Fighters XI, PS2, new, $63
Second of the two orders from Play-Asia. This was just released last week and I finally received my copy. Came with a preorder extra of a package of promo art cards. This time I got two stickers, another Dead Rising one and one for Rockman ZX, which I believe is a DS game coming to Japan soon.

[ Tekken 3, Final Doom, & Die Hard Trilogy | PS2 Saturn controller & N64 controller | Onimusha 3 & Soul Calibur III | King of Fighters XI ]



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