Imports Aplenty

Since I received some money for my birthday earlier in the week, I used it to make a purchase with JapanGameStock. They sell mostly used games and accessories for Dreamcast and earlier systems. Their prices are really good overall and the condition of said items are topnotch! The only thing that I didn’t like was that EMS was the only shipping option available, which is expensive. I picked up four PS1 games and four Saturn games. Here is what I got:

Parappa the Rapper, PS1, mint, complete, $5
I totally loved this game when it was originally released and it still was really fun to play again. A little lacking in gameplay when compared to how the genre has evolved since, but this was the first so what can you expect? The one bad thing about this game is that it is one of the games that are not 100% compatible with the PS2. From what I have played so far, you can play through the game and save and all, but after every level it has a little problem finding the appropiate cinematic to continue with and takes a little while to do it right, otherwise it is fine.

Tobal No. 1, PS1, mint, complete, $5
An underappreciated fighter by Square that was pretty good for a first attempt by them. Most people who bought it at the time, probably did it for the included Final Fantasy VII demo, which my just acquired copy has, but the demo is unplayable on a PS2. I was able to get to the point of just past the first battle with the two guards and that was it, the demo wouldn’t go forward no matter what I did.

Shiritsu! Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes, PS1, mint, complete, $10
This is better known as Rival Schools: United by Fate. It is a great fighting game that I had back when it came out, since then sold, and now wanted again. It is very hard to find in North America and I have never seen any copies in stores since 1998 when I originally bought it.

Crash Bandicoot Racing, PS1, mint, complete, $9
Known as Crash Team Racing in North America, this is probably the best Mario Kart-esque racing game outside of the Mario Kart series itself.

Panzer Dragoon, SAT, mint, complete, $4
Panzer Dragoon Zwei, SAT, mint, complete $7
These two games mark my first experience with the Panzer Dragoon series ever. Even with these two being a decade old, they still hold up quite well today. Zwei holds up particularly better than the original, but they both are still entertaining shooters.

Suiko Enbu: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, SAT, NM/M, complete, $5
Also known as Dark Legend in North America, which I wasn’t aware of when I was trying to add it to my collection list here. It is a 2D fighter that I picked up only with that knowledge. Since I have played it a bit, it is pretty average and with nothing particularly spectacular about it. Not the worst fighter I have ever played, but nowhere near the best either.

House of the Dead, SAT, EX+, complete, $13
This was one of the games I have been wanting to get for my Saturn collection for some time now. Probably the best light gun game for the Saturn. Good graphics and shooting zombies to bits never gets old!

[ the Playstation games | the Saturn games ]



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