My Top 30 Gaming Revelations

These are my top 30 games I have played that made a huge impact on me for one reason or another.

(in no particular order)

30. Garou: Mark of the Wolves (NEO)
Best Fatal Fury game by far and one of the most balanced fighting games ever.

29. WWF War Zone (PS1)
The first truly great pro wrestling game that started a long line of great wrestling games.

28. Splatterhouse (TG16)
First game that truly scared me. The next one wasn’t until Resident Evil.

27. Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (PS2)
The first Virtua Fighter that I really liked a lot.

26. You Don’t Know Jack (PC)
Awesome trivia game with a great sense of humor.

25. X-Men vs. Street Fighter (SAT)
The first game that I felt was truly arcade perfect for the home.

24. Super Mario Kart (SNES)
The best racing game to ever be released at that point.

23. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)
Truly proved once and for all that Castlevania is best in 2D.

22. Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
First Final Fantasy that really got me into playing RPGs again since the NES days.

21. God Hand (PS2)
First truly great 3D beat-em-up.

20. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (PS2)
My first time playing a Tony Hawk game and realizing that these ‘extreme sports’ games can actually be good.

19. Samurai Shodown (NEO)
First amazing weapons based fighter.

18. DoDonPachi (ARC)
The shoot-em-up that made me realize how much I love these frantic, top-down shooters.

17. Katamari Damacy (PS2)
The first quirky Japanese game that I played and it opened my eyes to experiment with other like-minded crazy games.

16. WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgame$ (GBA)
The first wacky minigames game that showed simplicity can still be a lot of fun.

15. Tekken (PS1)
My first and still most liked 3D fighting game series.

14. Dragon Warrior (NES)
The first RPG I ever played.

13. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)
First truly epic Castlevania game that successfully implemented RPG elements that made the game even better.

12. Die Hard Trilogy (PS1)
Proved that movie licensed games can work and work extremely well. Not to mention it incorporated three totally different genres as separate games very impressively.

11. Mega Man 2 (NES)
First great Mega Man game.

10. Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Singlehandedly created and defined the entire platforming genre.

9. Resident Evil (PS1)
Singlehandedly defined the survival horror genre.

8. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (ARC)
Singlehandedly defined and put the fighting game genre on the map.

7. PaRappa the Rapper (PS1)
Singlehandedly created the music/rhythm game genre.

6. Guitar Hero (PS2)
The greatest music/rhythm game ever created to this point.

5. Tetris (GB)
One of the best puzzle games ever created.

4. Contra (NES)
One of the best side scrolling shooters ever. Too bad the series has yet to be good since the 2D games.

3. Mortal Kombat (ARC)
Over the top blood and gore made you pay attention and created a lot of controversy.

2. Doom (PC)
Put the FPS genre on the map and was a visceral thrill to play.

1. Half-Life (PC)
First FPS that really changed how first-person shooters were defined.



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