I Guess It Simply Wasn’t In The Cards.

Last week, as most of you have heard, Amazon.com was having a vote on which of four items would be up for grabs for a ridiculously low price and in limited quantities. Once I heard about an Xbox 360 being one of those items, I was determined to get myself one for a measly $100. About an hour before the Xbox 360 was to go on sale today, I was ready to snag it right as the clock struck 11am pacific time. Everything seemed to be loading fine at Amazon until about five minutes ’til the hour. At that point, the site started loading noticeably slower. In fact, every minute that passed after that point it just kept getting slower and slower. Once 11am hit, I hit F5 to refresh the page and snag my 360, but instead I was greeted with over five minutes of loading before it finally showed me the new page with the deal on it. Except, it didn’t show me the deal, instead I was faced with “This deal has sold out.” At that point I was extremely pissed off that I didn’t even get a chance to get the deal. It would be one thing to refresh the page, see the deal, click on it, and try to get it and be too slow, but this was a lose-lose situation from the start!

Soon after having Thanksgiving dinner with my family and relatives, I decided I would simply go out and get:


The moral of this story is: Trying to get a ridiculous deal on a current console may not be worth the hassle, but it sure as hell makes you want one that much more when you fail. 😛


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