White Saturn Cometh

Just received today from an eBay auction a white Sega Saturn and some other stuff.

Sega Saturn (white; JPN), w/ cables and controller, EX+ condition

original Saturn pad (black; US), EX condition

Saturn memory cart (JPN), n. mint

Fighters Megamix, EX+ condition, complete

Virtua Fighter Remix, fair- condition, complete

King of Fighters ’97, manual/case only; no game
– the seller didn’t look inside and sent a KOF ’96 game instead of ’97

King of Fighters ’96, fair, disc only

Street Fighter Real Battle on Film (aka, Street Fighter: The Movie), fair- condition, disc & case, but no manual

Samurai Shodown IV, fair, disc only

Total for the lot: $52.50

The Saturn is the nicest part of the lot, which is great since that is primarily want I wanted. This lot also produced a few duplicates that if anyone is interested in, you can PM me and we can talk. The duplicates are: Fighters Megamix, Virtua Fighter Remix, and the King of Fighters ’97 manual/case.




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