Pick 5 – the five worst games you own


I’m back with another Pick 5. This one was inspired by the same Pick 5 that hart704 did recently. It sounded interesting, so I thought I’d try to find my five worst games and post why. Note: These selections are not based on the lowest review scores, just my personal opinion.

5. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (PS2)
The Good: Has lots of fighters to choose from. Premium Edition has UMK3.
The Bad: Extremely unbalanced. Fighting too ridgid and unrefined.
The Ugly: Gameplay hasn’t changed since the first 3D MK and it wasn’t good even then.

4. Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film (SAT)
The Good: It has ‘Street Fighter’ in the title.
The Bad: It is based on the crappy 1994 movie.
The Ugly: Sawada’s super combo. (What is it that he is actually doing?!)

3. Hexen (N64)
The Good: A decent, if unremarkable first-person shooter with a twist.
The Bad: Too much back tracking and can be confusing with where to go next. Combat not exciting.
The Ugly: Extremely boring most of the time.

2. War Gods (N64)
The Good: A somewhat interesting twist on the Mortal Kombat formula.
The Bad: It is still the MK formula, which means it plays like ass.
The Ugly: Most of the fighters are literally ugly and horribly designed.

1. Mortal Kombat II (SAT)
The Good: I suppose the controls are responsive enough.
The Bad: Clearly a port based off of the Genesis version and not so much from the Arcade version. MKII doesn’t play well today, no matter what version you are referring to.
The Ugly: Since it is based a lot on the Genesis version, it has mostly crappy graphics, sounds, music, and more. Easily the worst MKII port, ever.


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