Retro Revival Week – Day 1

My first day of Retro Revival Week started out slow as I didn’t feel very good for most of the day. Later on, I finally got in the mood and started it off with Panzer Dragoon for Saturn. Two things I learned from playing this game was that it still has incredible music and that it kicks my ass! I had quite the time with stage 2 and even died once on stage 1, :lol:.

Next on the list was House of the Dead for Saturn. My brother and I teamed up to blast those hordes of zombies and had quite a bit of fun doing it! I’m so used to playing easier light-gun shooters like Die Hard 2 from Die Hard Trilogy and the Virtua Cop series that I was taken aback at how ruthless this game is after stage 1. I also learned that old light-guns won’t work on LCD HDTVs, so we had to move my Saturn to a CRT to be able to play it.

After that, we played World Heroes 2 for SNES. I came out on top with a match score of 9-7, thanks in part to the ownage that is C.Kidd. Must be the power of the pirate. ^_^

The final game we played for Day 1 was Contra III: The Alien Wars for SNES. That game is still super tough sh!t and proceeded to whup us at the end of stage 3. I personally made super short work of the stage 2 boss with my laser and a single bomb. I think I finished it off in less than 30 seconds!

Hope the rest of you are enjoying Retro Revival Week if you are participating. See ya next update! 驚くばかり!


Opening CG sequence where our hero obtains the dragon from the previous master.

On to stage 2.

Cutscene at start of stage 2.


Die zombie!

High score screen after second play.


Player select screen.

Fuuma vs. C.Kidd

Fuuma wins first round vs. C.Kidd.

C.Kidd wins third round and is victorious!

Final standings.


Beginning of stage 1. Bill and Lance talk it over shortly before getting it on!

Rest 00. Game over.



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