Retro Revival Week – Day 2

Today was a one game day. I didn’t plan it this way, but since I had to work all day (and I’ll have to do it tomorrow too) I didn’t have much time for RRW, but I did get one game in: Guilty Gear for PlayStation. This game is something I just acquired from an eBay auction and being a fan of GG, but having never played the original, I was excited to see what the beginning of the series was like. Much to my surprise, it plays a lot like the newer games in the series, meaning it plays very well and is a lot of fun! The only problem I had with this game was that the Instant Kill moves are way too easily abused. You can literally end an entire match in seconds by landing one of these moves. Luckily this is much harder to do in the sequels.

After some practice I played the arcade mode with my chosen fighter, Millia Rage. I was able to easily run through everyone up until Testament, where he proceeded to rip me a new one until I pulled out a win after about 5 or 6 matches with him. Then it was on to Justice, I believe is his name. You wanna talk cheap bosses? This is about as cheap as they get! I know the true final boss in this game is Baiken, but I couldn’t get to her. That’s alright since it was fun regardless and I came away fully impressed with Guilty Gear’s first outing.

Until tomorrow…じゃあ、また!


Two images of me laying the smack down!

Next up…a serving of whoop ass!

Getting my ass handed to me by Testament.



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