Highlights from the Sony Conference

Sony’s conference was definitely the best of the three as it showed a good mix of the expected and new details on existing items, as well as a few surprises too.

The highlights to me were:
• the M.C. Escher-esque echochrome
Wipeout HD (hopefully it will have online play, I don’t recall it being announced)
• being able to launch into any game from Home
• the ability to play mods in Unreal Tournament III
Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer
Infamous looked interesting
Killzone 2 (this is looking mighty close to what was shown in 2005)

I think the thing I was wowed the most about was echochrome, believe it or not! It just looked so unique and interesting!

So, yeah, Sony showed a lot of great stuff and made me glad I have a PS3.



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