Unadulterated Trash

Nolan Bushnell has proved to everyone he is not only meaningless to the video game industry these days, but also that he has finally made the transition to insane, out-of-touch, crotchety, old man. Just because he prefers to play casual games with his friends and family he seems to then think all other, more modern video games are “unadulterated trash.” I got news for ya Nolan, you were a big influence in the early years of video games that helped shape them into what they are today, so I guess that makes you unadulterated trash too.

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Top Ten NES Games

In response to ScrewAttack’s newest Top Ten regarding NES games, I thought I’d create my own list of what I thought were the Top Ten NES Games. (NOTE: Click on each game’s title to see gameplay footage.)

Ⅹ. Double Dragon II: The Revenge
I’m am a fairly big Double Dragon fan and this was the one game in the series I have spent the most time with. It has all of the great moves you expect for a Double Dragon game and is definitely the best of the series on the NES.

Ⅸ. Crystalis
This is the type of game SNK needs to start creating again! As much as I love their fighting games, and I do, it would be so awesome if they remade Crystalis nowadays. One of the most underrated games for the NES. Put down your Final Fantasys and pick up this gem!

Ⅷ. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Mr. Dream, who? This is the only version of Punch-Out!! for me!

Ⅶ. Gun.Smoke
One of only a few NES games that easily beat their arcade counterparts. This version had a much more fair difficulty and yet was still challenging enough to be satisfying to finish.

Ⅵ. Shadow of the Ninja
A little known action/platformer from Natsume before they started churning out little else besides Harvest Moon games. I originally picked this up on a whim while out at a strip mall with my parents back in 1990 and what a great surprise it was!

Ⅴ. Batman
One of the first great movie to game tie-ins. This game has a challenge that was just right, a fantastic soundtrack, and perfect controls!

Ⅳ. Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden is known for the stiff challenge it serves up and back in the NES days the story was the same. I remember being blown away by its cool cutscenes and awesome story back when it came out!

Ⅲ. Super Mario Bros. 3
SMB3. Nothing more needs to be said.

Ⅱ. Mega Man 2
The game that introduced me to this much beloved series that I still am a fan of today. One of the most memorable soundtracks in gaming history accompanies some of the most cla$$ic gameplay in this incredible title!

Ⅰ. Contra
Nothing defines ‘run-and-gun’ more than this game! A true gem that spawned the most notorious code ever that Konami went on to use in many games since. Fun tip: If you use the ‘Konami code’ in the SNES version of Gradius III when the game is paused, you’ll die after you unpause the game!


Perhaps you would serve a woman? — Service her, aye, and gladly!

Rachet & Clank Future demo
For being someone who has never played a Rachet game prior to this demo, I have to admit it was a lot of fun! I find that some weapons, like the Groovatron, while funny to use aren’t all that fun to use as I found the Combuster gun to be far more useful even though it is a basic projectile weapon. The graphics were amazing and the humor was great! I look forward to picking this up in the future though not right away.

Conan demo
This was a demo that really surprised me! It is obviously not on anyone’s radar and when I got a hang of the combat system it was a whole lot of fun! I love action games that have satisfying, visceral combat and Conan seems to deliver in spades! Sure, the graphics are only okay at best, but it sure is fun to hack limbs off with blood spurting everywhere. I think this one will be a decent sleeper hit this year and it comes out in only a few weeks.

Everyday Shooter
Talk about a surreal experience! The visuals, audio, and even the chaining mechainic for each stage is different and very interesting. Lots of cool unlockables can make the game even more interesting by using things like a contrast effect or other visual changing effects. Everyday Shooter is definitely something that is not to be missed if you can appreciate games with a different appeal.

If you want to know what I have been playing the most for the past month or so, it would be Warhawk. If anything has been a sleeper hit this year so far, I’d say this is it. At first I bought it mostly because I could get a bluetooth headset for my PS3 for a relatively cheap cost as well as a good game too. Little did I know that this game would suck me in more than any online shooter has since the days of me playing Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic 5-6 years ago. Once you get used to the controls of the various vehicles and Warhawk, it becomes such a blast to play! What I like most is all of the variety in the maps and ways to play. One minute you can be in a jeep with a gunner trying to take a capture point and the next you can be dogfighting in the air with other Warhawks. There is a really good chance this game will win my Best Multiplayer Game category this year. I wholeheartedly recommend Warhawk to anyone with a PS3 that likes multiplayer online shooters. You won’t be disappointed!