Top Ten Fighting Games

Another good Top Ten from ScrewAttack deserves another list from me as well. This time, they did one for fighting games, which anyone who knows me knows I love me some fighting games! (NOTE: Click on each game’s title to see gameplay footage.)

Ⅹ. Samurai Shodown II

Ⅸ. Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Ⅷ. Guilty Gear XX Λ Core

Ⅶ. Virtua Fighter 5

Ⅵ. Bleach DS: 蒼天に駆ける運命 (aka. Bleach: The Blade of Fate)

Ⅴ. Street Fighter Alpha 3

Ⅳ. 餓狼: Mark of the Wolves (aka. Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves)

Ⅲ. King of Fighters 2002

Ⅱ. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Ⅰ. Super Street Fighter II Turbo



Let’s Party!

Contra 4 is here and my review is up! Take a look!

I have been playing a bunch more online UMK3 matches and have run into a few really good players that have given me a run for my money! The most memorable of these opponents was one that stayed and played a good 25 or so matches with me. Most leave after 3 or 4, so finding someone like that was cool! We both kept inputting the ‘Throwing Encouraged’ kombat kode that has the MK voice congratulate someone anytime they throw their opponent with included text at the bottom middle of the screen like, “Yes!,” “Excellent!,” and “Well done!.”

Current UMK3 online stats:



You Will Never Win!

Hello all! I’m back to list off the games I have acquired within the last month as well as give you my thoughts on various games and demos.

Game acquisitions within the last month:
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP)
Manhunt 2 (PSP)
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3)
Suikoden III (PS2)
Tetrisphere (N64)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat (DS)
Contra 4 (DS)

God of War: Chains of Olympus demo (PSP)
Talk about a very impressive demo! Everything about this demo points toward a super high quality God of War game, but this time on the PSP! Controls were perfect and very responsive and you never feel as if you need a second analog stick. This is how to truly develop a game for the PSP! Ready At Dawn clearly has extremely talented people and Wii owners looking forward to Okami should have nothing to worry about with them at the helm of that port.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3)
I am very close to the end of the single player campaign of Call of Duty 4 and it has been one of the best single player experiences I have had this year. I haven’t even touched the online multiplayer yet, but apparently from what I have been hearing, it is far and away better than even the single player portion! This year has been a great one for online multiplayer shooters for me. I haven’t had this much fun with shooters online since 2004 when I was playing Unreal Tournament 2004. First it started with Resistance, then Warhawk, and now Call of Duty 4! Let’s not forget the potential release of UT3 this year for PS3. All I can say is: Wow!

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP)
One of my all-time favorite game franchises and if this compilation is amazing, I don’t know what is! I love the fact that I can finally experience the penultimate old-school-styIe Castlevania, Rondo of Blood, without having the shell out big bucks. And if that wasn’t enough, it includes Symphony of the Night too! Pure bliss!

Tetrisphere (N64)
I picked this one up on a complete whim one day and I knew it was a good puzzle game, but damn, it is much better than I expected. While it only resembles Tetris because of the way the pieces are shaped, it is still very impressive and a lot of fun. If you ever come across this gem, give it a try!

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo (PS3)
One word: Fantastic! While it didn’t seem to incorporate any new ideas of its own, it did what it did extremely well. It seems to resemble a cross between Tomb Raider: Legend and Gears of War and does what those games do even better! A good deal as been said about how Nathan Drake is an everyman and not so much a badass who knows his way around the battlefield and to be honest, it really works and makes him easy to relate to plus helps add a good amount of humor as well. Definitely looking forward to this one, but I won’t be getting it right away. Perhaps Christmas will be a great time to check it out. 😉

BONUS: Ultimate Mortal Kombat (DS) review! Check it out if you haven’t already!

Also, if you want an ass whupping in UMK, feel free to add me to your friend code list in the game! (friend code at the top of my profile page) After a laggy first opponent that netted me five straight losses and a smattering of others, I have been on a 11-0 win streak. I have made all of my opponents beg for mercy and disconnect before they endure more losses! 😆 If you feel up to the mega challenge, bring it, because you will never win!