Chousen Clear!

Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou is based on the popular Japanese video game show, Game Center CX. It stars comedian Shinya Arino who tries throughout an episode to complete a video game, typically from the Famicom (NES) and Super Famicom (SNES). Hilarious antics ensue when Arino reacts to his defeats and triumphs over these typically difficult games.

This DS game attempts to recreate the feeling of the 8-bit Nintendo days with eight games that were specifically created for this title. All eight games have multiple influences from existing games.

Every effort was made to create the Famicom feel with these games and it shows. These games really do look, sound, and feel like games that could have come out back in the 1980s. The whole game is wrapped in a story of sorts that sees you being transported back to the 1980s along with Arino, both of you as kids and being challenged by “Demon Arino” to complete specific tasks in each of these games. It’s safe to say that this game’s concept is pretty crazy!

SOUND: 8.5
Famicom-esque music and sound effects largely permeate the game as you’d expect and most of it is pretty good, but still short of being truly memorable.

Not only did the developers get the feel right, but the gameplay is also spot on with actual 8-bit Nintendo games and the games are largely very fun. The main mode is where you will be tackling the challenges Demon Arino gives you. Each game has four challenges that must be done in the order assigned and once they are completed the next game will be unlocked and the current game completed will be able to be played outside of the main mode in its entirety, complete with high score boards. The challenges mostly consist of goals like ‘Clear stage 5’ in Cosmic Gate, ‘Score 250,000 points’ in Star Prince, and ‘Finish course 2 in under 2’28″‘ in Rally King SP. The game even gives you, at intervals, game magazines of the time with helpful information about the games, cheat codes, and more!

It won’t take most people too terribly long to complete the challenges and after that most of the time spent will be trying to best your high scores.

You don’t need to know anything about the Game Center CX show to enjoy this game. The real requirement to enjoying it is whether or not you are fond of 8-bit Nintendo games. If the answer is yes, then pick this one up!

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