You Love It, You Know You Do!

I love it when people talk about the supposed problems with SFIV as it currently stands as if they are some kind of game developer whiz. I have some news for you: Not only is it still extremely early, but who the hell are you to pass judgment at this point in its development? ScrewAttack did the same stupid thing on their podcast recently too and came off sounding like whiny *******! You’d think these people would be grateful that SFIV is even being made because Capcom didn’t want to do it the whole time and possibly still have doubts about it. You people should be kissing Yoshinori Ono’s feet for being able to get SFIV off the ground instead of overly criticizing an early build. Also, don’t try to compare it to your favorite Street Fighter game of the past because there will certainly be differences and if you expect it to be something it isn’t, you’re just preventing yourself from potentially liking it and for that you only have yourself to blame.



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