Resident Uncomfortable

Normally, I’m not one to disagree with Adam Sessler or N’Gai Croal as they are usually very intelligent on most gaming industry related matters, but this time I totally disagree. Go here to see Sessler’s video on the matter, then come back.

Back? OK, good.

I have a saying: “If you look hard enough for racism, you’ll certainly find it.” This is what these two are doing and it is just as bad as actual racism because they are making racism the issue where there is clearly none to be had. Why is that trailer racist? Because it shows a white person shooting at a mob of black people? That is a ridiculous jumping to conclusion. If that is racist then every situation of that kind must be racist, but they don’t see it that way, of course. What about RE4? A Caucasian shooting at mobs of Spaniards and nobody made a deal out of that! The new RE game is apparently set in Africa, so what exactly are these people expecting to find there?

Racism is the intent to hate another for their different skin color. It is not automatically inferred just because a person of one race is shooting at people of another race.

Sorry Adam and N’Gai, but you’ll never be comfortable with situations like these being depicted until you get over yourselves and stop looking for racism. The problem is you, not the game.



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