Top Ten Neo-Geo Games

I’m back with another Top Ten list and this time I’m focusing on my list of what are, in my opinion, the Top Ten Neo-Geo Games.

I am a big fan of Neo-Geo games even though I have never owned any of the hardware, be it the AES or MVS. Even so, I grew up playing many Neo-Geo games in the arcades around my area and at other arcades on trips or vacations. With the recent release of the first SNK Arcade CIassics compilation I have been drawn back into the greatness that is the Neo-Geo. You can read my review of SNK Arcade CIassics Vol. 1 for PSP here. Without further delay, here is what I consider the Top Ten Neo-Geo Games:

NOTE: This is my list, not yours. If you make a comment asking why a certain game isn’t on the list, it will be deleted.

(Click the links to see gameplay footage.)

10. Ninja Masters — 1996
9. Blazing Star — 1998
8. Sengoku 3 — 2001
7. Rage of the Dragons — 2002
6. Breakers Revenge — 1998
5. Metal Slug 3 — 2000
4. Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad — 1998
3. Samurai Shodown II — 1994
2. King of Fighters 2002 — 2002
1. Garou: Mark of the Wolves — 1999