Top Ten Games

This is my list of the top ten games of all-time. A few rules:

– The games must come from my collection. If I don’t own it, it isn’t eligible.
– The games must have been finished.
– Only one game per series.
– This list is not in any particular order.



I own it on: PSP and PS3

The Tekken series is my absolute favorite 3D fighting series and it was inevitable that an entry would be on the list. I selected this particular one because it is the best refinement of the series to date. The PSP version is especially impressive since it shows that 3D fighters can be done on it and done extremely well with nothing missing in the translation! I’m surprised more big 3D fighters haven’t tried to bring their franchises to the PSP after seeing this. I would love to see Virtua Fighter on the PSP!



I own it on: Famicom

One of the greatest run-and-gun franchises ever, Super Contra took everything that made the first one great and gave us more! This particular version for the Famicom had the same code as the North American version, but instead of giving you only 10 lives, you get 30, not that I need them since I pwn this game!



I own it on: Saturn

Coming in at number one on a list of games I paid the most for, $170 bought me arguably the greatest shmup ever made! It was worth every penny! A game that actually has no power-ups at all since you have access to all of the game’s seven weapons from the beginning. The idea is that each of them are very unique from each other and certain ones work better than others depending on the situation you find yourself in. Even with that many weapons always available, make no mistake about it, this game is f’ing hard!



I own it on: DS

I really love music/rhythm games when they provide a fun, unique experience that doesn’t require the use of an expensive peripheral and Ouendan 2 is one of those games. 押忍!



I own it on: Famicom

Also known as Ninja Gaiden, this game has it all: sweet ninja action, awesome music, and possibly the very first video game to have a complete narrative done with cutscenes. It will constantly kick your ass, but you’ll always be begging for more!



I own it on: Saturn

Most say they think Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the best of Capcom’s VS. series, but I disagree. This is the one I love the most because I prefer the small, tighter roster of fighters and the two fighters per team. Besides, it is too easy to rely on assists in MvC2. This one also has superior music and more interesting stages too! If you ever seek out this or X-Men vs. Street Fighter, do so only on Saturn since the Playstation versions are completely gimped and don’t even come close to the arcade perfect Saturn versions.



I own it on: Playstation 2

After being a bit disappointed at what King of Fighters 2003 offered, I was hoping KOFXI would deliver and did it ever! SNK added more complexity to create a more interesting KOF. Silky smooth controls along with a handful of new fighters to the series and lots of console exclusive characters to round out a great roster of unique characters. SNK proved why KOF is still their best fighting game series and I can’t wait for what looks to be a hot twelfth installment. If you are at all interested in the series, pick it up! You can’t go wrong at only $15! What a steal!



I own it on: Playstation 2

A couple blogs ago I stated that this was my favorite platformer, even more than any Mario game and I stand by that by putting it on this list! Fantastic visuals, likable characters, rock solid controls, and great platforming elements/puzzles make this one not to miss!



I own it on: Game Boy Advance

Lots of people think Symphony of the Night is the best Castlevania game, but I am here to tell you that they are wrong! It is amazing, but Aria of Sorrow is the best of the SotN-esque Castlevanias and the best Castlevania ever! Incredible music, animation, and gameplay! What’s not to like?



I own it on: Playstation 2

For being a fourteen year old fighting game, it still is one of the greatest ever made! Everything is memorable. The characters, the music, the stages, everything! Introduced the fighting game staple of super combos and perfected the Street Fighter formula to the point that this game is still being played competitively worldwide today! The upcoming HD Remix can’t come soon enough!



Zero to Ticket in Ten Minutes Flat & More

So yeah, my brother and I were out last night at midnight and I get picked up for speeding. Seriously, why does it always seem like the cops are patrolling the heaviest in the early morning hours? And why does it seem like you always get a ticket for nitpicky reasons? I was driving perfectly safe, but just because I was a little over the speed limit and even though nobody was around, the cop has just gotta give me a ticket. Was he bored? Probably. Hey, at least he’s keeping the streets safe from dangerous criminals, you know, like me. >_>

A quick response to Sonic5227’s recent vlog “What made you a Gamer?” For me, it isn’t very easy to say because I have been video gaming since about 1984 when I was like 4 years old and back then I was too young to make distinctions like that. It is the only hobby I have had my entire life. I’d have to say just having a Coleco Gemini, which was an Atari 2600 clone, and being able to play 2600 games was what it was for me I suppose. The very first video game I played was probably either Skiing or Ice Hockey for the 2600. So there you have it, an even less interesting story than even Sonic5227’s. 😀

Lastly, if anyone wants an awesome platformer to play, do whatever you can to find a copy of Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil (PS2). I have had it for a few months now and decided I’d play through it. It is such a great platformer that it bests the Mario games I have played since the that series went 3D and I am totally going to look into getting a copy of the first game in the series on PS1 for sure. Namco needs to bring this series back! I scored this game a 9.0/10. Extremely underrated and a must play!


Crap City

Apparently Circuit City was having a one-day only sale of getting the free strategy guide with a purchase of Metal Gear Solid 4. I figured that would be a great deal so I went there to get the game. Unfortunately, not only did they not have any strategy guides, but every one of the employees I spoke with didn’t seem to even be aware of said sale. One of them even claimed that they didn’t get any sent to their store because it is a small store. All of this BS and guess what, they even had a small standee for this very sale on top of the case that MGS4 was actually in and it stated that every store would get a minimum of 10 guides. That’s false advertising if you ask me.

Since I couldn’t get the guide I just said “F this” and left. I’ll likely get the game at a local trade-in store instead later.


The End of the Swap Disc

As the title eludes not so subtly to, I am officially off of swap discs when it comes to playing imports after over three years of doing so! I present to you my most current purchases from Play-Asia:


That’s right, a new Japanese PS2 (and two more memory cards; $14 ea.), model SCPH-90000 which, as you will see in the photos, is another redesign of the PS2, but this time it is far more subtle in the changes from its predecessor. Changes that I have noticed are:

– flat front bezel instead of ridged
– PS2 logo on top is now near front instead of the back of the system
– addition of vent on bottom
– internal power supply
– removal of 56k modem port




The games I bought were a handful of SNK releases along with a copy of a tough to find and pricey domestic release that was reprinted (sans soundtrack).

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, $44.90
King of Fighters NeoWave, $34.90
SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom, $32.90
King of Fighters NESTS, $20.90 (includes KOF ’99, 2000, and 2001)
Bakumatsu Roman 1 & 2, $24.90 (includes Last Blade 1 & 2)