Zero to Ticket in Ten Minutes Flat & More

So yeah, my brother and I were out last night at midnight and I get picked up for speeding. Seriously, why does it always seem like the cops are patrolling the heaviest in the early morning hours? And why does it seem like you always get a ticket for nitpicky reasons? I was driving perfectly safe, but just because I was a little over the speed limit and even though nobody was around, the cop has just gotta give me a ticket. Was he bored? Probably. Hey, at least he’s keeping the streets safe from dangerous criminals, you know, like me. >_>

A quick response to Sonic5227’s recent vlog “What made you a Gamer?” For me, it isn’t very easy to say because I have been video gaming since about 1984 when I was like 4 years old and back then I was too young to make distinctions like that. It is the only hobby I have had my entire life. I’d have to say just having a Coleco Gemini, which was an Atari 2600 clone, and being able to play 2600 games was what it was for me I suppose. The very first video game I played was probably either Skiing or Ice Hockey for the 2600. So there you have it, an even less interesting story than even Sonic5227’s. 😀

Lastly, if anyone wants an awesome platformer to play, do whatever you can to find a copy of Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil (PS2). I have had it for a few months now and decided I’d play through it. It is such a great platformer that it bests the Mario games I have played since the that series went 3D and I am totally going to look into getting a copy of the first game in the series on PS1 for sure. Namco needs to bring this series back! I scored this game a 9.0/10. Extremely underrated and a must play!



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