RRW Day Three

Today I played a good deal of some Midway arcade games, most of which are well-known greats. A few didn’t hold up as well as I hoped like Vindicators, Super Sprint, and Spy Hunter. Others were better than expected like Blaster and the virtually unknown Satan’s Hollow. The full list of today’s games are as follows:

Click on the links to see gameplay footage. Each game is rated out of 5 stars.

Robotron: 2084 (1982) *****
Blaster (1983) *****
Vindicators ( 1988 ) ***
Smash T.V. (1990) *****
Sinistar (1982) ****
Roadblasters (1987) ****
Super Sprint (1986) ***
Spy Hunter (1983) **
Satan’s Hollow (1981) ***
Mega Man X4 (1997) *****
Zoo Keeper
Dungeon Magic

I also started playing what is, IMO, the best Mega Man X game, X4. I have defeated, as Zero, six of the eight robot bosses so far, those being Web Spider, Split Mushroom, Magma Dragoon, Cyber Peacock, Storm Owl, and Frost Walrus, in that order. Zoo Keeper was brought back once again after getting some tips, so I tried and successfully beat my high scores a handful of times. Dungeon Magic was also brought back and this time I played it co-op with a friend when he stopped over and we finished the game. It is a pretty good beat-’em-up that has RPG elements where you can level up, break a lot of stuff in the environment, and even choose different paths through each level. The biggest problem the game has is it’s sluggish framerate.

See ya next time!



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