RRW Day Four

Day four consisted of a total 7 games many of which were Namco arcade classics:

Click on the links to see gameplay footage. Each game is rated out of 5 stars.

Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (1997) ***
Omega Boost (1999) ****
Cutie Q (1979) ***
Grobda (1984) ***
Mappy (1983) **** NES version footage
Xevious (1982) *****
Mega Man X4

Toshinden 3 was the first and it is probably the best in the series mainly because the gameplay can be sped up to 60 frames/sec. in the options instead of 30 which makes it play much better. After that I played some Namco classics like the still great Xevious which was the very first scrolling shmup. Grobda is a decent, fast-paced tank shooter and Cutie Q is a strange mix of Breakout and pinball. I was really surprised by Omega Boost and it is a really great third-person mech action game that was made by Polyphony Digital, creators of Gran Turismo! I failed to make any progress in Mega Man X4, but I am determined to do so tomorrow. Day five here I come! 🙂



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