Dorakue, Trusty Bells, and More

* Since my last blog I have played through Dragon Quest 1 again on Game Boy and it was still fun to play even though it is extremely archaic and simple compared to modern JRPGs.

* Nintendo DSi – I like the larger screens, the ability for the DSi store to give us some potentially interesting downloadable games and perhaps even some Virtual Console action, and the SD card slot for music playback and as a general storage solution. I am someone who thinks the flash card storage solution for handhelds is better than a built-in one because it makes it easier to move your media around and if your flash card goes bad, you can simply buy another one, where as having a built-in only solution could be very expensive to replace. I’ve heard others have a dislike for the removal of the GBA slot, but it doesn’t bother me since I still have a GBA SP. The downside to the larger screens it that I’d have to get a new case. I also really like the matte finish the DSi will have because I am not a fan of the glossy finish of the DSL. It is just way too easy to get it dirty which leads to the need to clean it way too often. The cameras are completely useless IMO and will just end up as a dumb gimmick. Overall, I think the DSi is a good redesign and I am looking forward to it.

* Eternal Sonata demo – I played this same demo back when I still had a X360 early last year and it was still fun to play which means I will definitely get this game sometime down the road. The combat is a lot of fun and the game is still artistically beautiful.

* BioShock demo – While this game looks great, I didn’t like it much. I wasn’t intrigued by the story and the combat lacks the ‘umph’ I need in first-person action games. If I’m going to get a game of this genre in the near future, I’ll probably go with Resistance 2 or wait for Killzone 2.

* The TGS announcment of White Knight Chronicles getting a four-player online co-op mode is pretty damn cool! Hopefully the game will be awesome enough to warrant it when it finally releases.

* The Wii is looking a little bit better in my eyes now that Namco has announced a remake of the first Klonoa (PS1) game for the system. I absolutely love the Klonoa series and would love to see this game do well enough that new Klonoa games are made once again.

* I finally put up some footage of the crazy Taito beat-’em-up, PuLi-RuLa. You can check it out in my About Me section on my main Giant Bomb profile page.