Faith and Sackboys

* I finished Yakuza 2 about a week ago and even though it is very similar mechanically, gameplay, and visually to the first one, which disappointed me at first, it was still a very satisfying experience that anybody remotely interested in an action adventure set in Japan will surely love! Shenmue is remembered fondly by a lot of people and if you liked that, you will certainly enjoy the Yakuza series and is a must play.

* I picked up and started taking a look a My Japanese Coach for DS. Seems to be a pretty good supplement for learning the Japanese language. I think it relies a little to much on using romaji in place of the kanas which can be a problem, but it isn’t a big enough of a problem to worry about if you are thinking about giving this title a shot. One of my favorite things about it is the ability to use the touch screen to practice writing the characters.

* LittleBigPlanet has been with me for a week now and I really am loving the creativity of the game and I am very impressed with the depth of the level creator. The best things about this game is checking out what the community has created and playing online with others. My least favorite things are the less than precise jumping and the lack of much to do from a gameplay perspective other than running, jumping, and grabbing onto things. LBP is game that every PS3 owner needs in their collection regardless of its flaws because it is simply something that doesn’t exist for any other platform out there and it is a whole lot of fun too!

* The Mirror’s Edge demo amazed me far more than I could have ever expected! I thought that the first-person perspective would take away from the experience and make it tough to judge jumps and such, but to my surprise it was the very thing that added so much to the experience. It really did feel like you were doing those things the character was doing! I’m definitely looking forward to this game now and I hope to be able to get it before the end of the year.

* The Resistance 2 beta sold me on the game. The multiplayer seems to be the best thing going for it. Playing the co-op was easily the best multiplayer mode and was a ton of fun when you were with a good sized team that worked together and played their classes well. If you have a team that isn’t playing correctly, then it can seem nearly impossible to complete a mission. I played medic most of the time and maxed out at lv. 10 in the beta with the class. The medic may be the weakest on offense, but once you level up enough to use abilities like the Chloroform berserk powerup, you can really be a huge help for your team on offense.

* I also picked up Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia which I haven’t started playing yet because of something that just came up…

* That something would be entry into the Killzone 2 beta! Just hours ago I checked my email and up popped an email stating I am in the KZ2 beta even though I didn’t know anything about it and thus could not have tried to sign up for it. It was just there and I don’t know why, but I immediately downloaded and started playing it. I can’t say anything about my experiences with it since Sony seems to have participants agree that they will not divulge information about their experiences with it outside of the official KZ2 forums–at least as far as I know.



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