Hey everyone! Usagi is back! 😀


The greatest band on the planet, Dir en grey, has released their seventh full-length album this past week! Uroboros is here and it is markedly better than 2007’s The Marrow of a Bone. Not that TMoaB is bad by any stretch, I just felt it was a small step backward for them. I think the overall best track is Vinushka which is a 9+ minute epic! Other standouts include: Glass Skin, Dozing Green, Red Soil, and Doukoku to Sarinu ( 慟哭と去りぬ ). Check out the Uroboros page on Last.fm to listen to a number of the tracks and decide for yourself!

I still can’t say anything specific regarding the Killzone 2 beta, but I will say that if the full game is as polished and as great as the beta, expect it to be one of the best of 2009. I’m looking forward to it more now thanks to the beta!


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is out next week for both systems! PS3 is on Tuesday (because of Thanksgiving weekend) and X360 on Wednesday! Get hype!



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