E3 Press Conference Thoughts and Retro Revival Week, Day 2

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Now that the big E3 press conferences are finished I can say that I thought Sony and Microsoft were the best followed by Nintendo in a distant third. Here are my thoughts as they pertained to the conferences from my Twitter feed as they were happening:

Tony Hawk Ride
That didn’t show how that peripheral works at all!

Modern Warfare 2
Commence creaming pants! LOL
That last one was a joke. I don’t actually care about Modern Warfare 2.
Real-time ice climbing!
They are really trying to sell it to us that he is really playing what we are seeing. Yeah right.

Final Fantasy XIII
Oh, the same FFXIII footage we’ve already seen from the demo on PS3. *snore*

Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction
Crackdown 2! Yay!
L4D 2? Already?
Crackdown 2 and L4D 2 look great, but Splinter Cell isn’t my cup of tea.
Sam Fisher, AKA, Mr. Badass! lol

Forza III, Halo: ODST, Halo: Reach
They can’t be so certain about Forza 3 because GT5 hasn’t even been really seen yet.
@thewesker I’m not saying GT5 will be better. This kind of racing game isn’t my thing. I know both will be great.
Halo…not interesting.
@LordofUltima I don’t get why they separated from MS to make more Halo either.

Last.fm, Facebook, Twitter
I don’t listen to last.fm, I sometimes use it to find people with similar taste in music. Why would anyone care about last.fm on a console?
Facebook? Bah, lame.

Metal Gear Solid Rising
Yeah, the next MGS. NOT MGS4!
OMFG! I need that Metal Gear game!
I’m assuming MGS Rising will be PS3 as well.
Playing as Raiden will be so awesome!

Project Natal
Why does Kudo’s avatar look more like Ludacris than himself?
Nice swipe at Nintendo, Kudo! LOL
Brown, huh? Like ****. Describes this part of the show very well.
Molyneux out to over promise something.
1992 called and said it wanted it’s virtual reality back.

@Donutta Yeah, they will most likely boast their asses off. >_>
Next Nintendo will expand video games to the undead.
Everyone’s game, including the undead.

New SMB on DS was not all that good, unfortunately.

They started OK, but now they are right onto the dumb ****
Adding to 10? Rolling timber? That is exactly what I’m interested in!, he lied.
If I wanted ‘more real’ then I would go do the real thing.
Synchronized air swimming!
There is just nothing to say about this stuff. It is so underwhelming.
Blooorg! That is how I feel about this conf. so far.

I have heard that Golden Sun has been good in the past. Haven’t played any of them.

More ‘tween games? Did Ubisoft’s conf. ever end?
Spouting Nintendo slogans only makes those people sound like sheeple.

WarioWare DIY has interesting promise.

I’d rather have Twitter integration with DSi and not Facebook.

We know, Iwata, the video game industry is expanding to new players. Can we see something interesting?
Hey, if you don’t have the skills to complete, get the **** out of the kitchen!
Why do we always have to be subject to this philosopy speech every time Nintendo does a conf.?
That was positively BORING!!

Wow, something interesting! SMG2.
This part of Nintendo’s conf. is definitely the best so far.

Nintendo is threatening to get “edgy!”
I wouldn’t call Metroid “edgy,” but I guess it is for Nintendo.

Mostly underwhelming conf., but for me that was probably unavoidable.

Uncharted 2
Uncharted 2 looking so hot!
F*** that looked so amazing!

Damn this will be epic!
MAG looked very cool.

Good to hear that people like me who prefer physical discs will not be left out for the future of PSP.
Wow, PSP Go is way too expensive! Good thing I don’t want one.

Gran Turismo PSP
Racing sims like Forza and GT aren’t my thing, but they look cool.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Peace Walker certainly looks good and very Metal Gear.

Home as the defacto standard in gaming community? Uh, not so much.
I think their montages are pretty nice, but there are way too many of them.
Wish they had something so show of Agent.

Assassin’s Creed 2
Good s*** with AC2!
Haven’t played AC1, but AC2 looks awesome!

Final Fantasy XIV Online
FFXIV?! PS3 exclusive? WOW.
Nice FFXIV announcement, but way too early.
FFXIV is online? Damn it! Not into MMOs.

More motion contollers? NOOO!
All of this motion control **** makes me want to kill myself.

ModNation Racers
ModNation Racers looked pretty neat.

The Last Guardian
Trico now named The Last Guardian!
Much nicer visuals than the pre-E3 alpha build!
Cannot wait for that!

Gran Turismo 5
Are they really mashing up with NASCAR and off-road stuff along with the normal stuff in GT5? Nice.

God of War III
GoW III. Time to bust a nut!!



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