Gaming Update – June ’09

After a great week of E3 and Retro Revival Week all at once, I am now back to my normal gaming schedule. Since I bought Wolfenstein 3D for RRW I have continued to play it and I am now half way through Episode 4 (out of 6). I think the last time I played Wolfenstein 3D was probably back in the 1990s and while it is certainly dated by today’s standards, it is still a pretty good game provided you can adapt to it’s old sensibilities. Besides, who doesn’t love killing Nazis?

Soon after the Wolfenstein 3D purchase, I also bought the PS1 download of Street Fighter Alpha 2. I’m mainly a collector of physical games, but when I can get something like SFA2 on the go via the PSP, I can’t pass that up! I used to be of the mindset that Alpha 3 was the best of the Alpha series, but fairly recently I was playing Alpha 2 and came to the realization that I enjoy Alpha 2 a good deal more. Part of why is that I really like the fact that you have access to regular supers at the same time as the custom combos which is great because it give you more options during the fights, unlike SFA3 where you have to choose if you want A-ism (3 levels of supers), X-ism (one level 3 super), or V-ism (custom combo).

Last week also saw the arrival of the Big Surf Island DLC for Burnout Paradise. It has been about a year since they were going to originally release it and I’d have to say it kinda wasn’t all that worth the wait. Unless I’m playing online with friends, I just have no motivation to play it because in actuality it is simply more of the same except now on an island just off of Angus Wharf. Don’t get me wrong, it is well made, but for me to have cared more it should have arrived before the end of 2008. By the end of 2008 I was simply burned out of Burnout Paradise. I think this kind of long support for a game can be just as bad as it can be good for a game if it goes too long. For myself, I could easily wait for another Burnout for at least another 2 years from right now because of how worn out I am of it.

Another game I started playing this past week is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I’m about 7 hours into it and I am finding it to be a very enjoyable RPG so far. My favorite thing is the combat and how it is kinda quirky in that it is real-time, but not 100% real-time. And of course the DMW is pretty much impossible to understand how it works exactly because it seems random at first, but is clearly influenced by something. The DMW is still fun to have and makes the combat more exciting and interesting. Crisis Core will definitely be in the running for my RPG of the Year!

BlazBlue is just around the corner, so I expect at least a few of my PSN buds to get to facing off against me at the end of the month! Do it! 😀




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