New Pickups and Gaming Updates

Hello everyone! The last few weeks have been some good gaming and some good pickups.

Updates from my last blog: Wolfenstein 3D has been finished and 100% trophies have been obtained. Still a great game even though a number of the levels later in the game require knowledge of secrets in order to be completed. I think that is stupid, but thems the breaks with that game. I am also now 11 hours into Crisis Core and it is still a great RPG. Not much to say expect one complaint: why the hell are the cutscenes not able to be skipped? It is very frustrating to lose a major battle, reload last save, and be forced to watch the same 5-minute cutscene again!


I bought and beat Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (I bought the rest of the trilogy later on from this past week too.) Besides the framerate dips that occur at times, the game could have been better, and much less frustrating, if the “mini-game” levels were cut or replaced with more great Sly platforming levels. Those mini-game levels were usually frustrating, sometimes easy (the shooting ones), but never fun. It seems as if Sucker Punch didn’t have enough confidence in the core Sly platforming levels, so they added needless variety. To me, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is what platformers should be: charming, endearing characters, decent story, great core platforming and related mechanics. All of those things are in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, but the mini-game levels interrupt the greatness with annoying variety that doesn’t need to be there: collecting games (against a clock), driving games, and even a rhythm game for most of the boss battle against Ms. Ruby. I don’t want any of that crap in my platformers! If I want to play those things, I have other games that do them much better. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, but I just have to air out my gripes about it. In this genre, less is more, IMO.


I also picked up Demon’s Crest for the Super Nintendo, Wipeout Pulse for PSP, and Star Ocean: First Departure for PSP. Haven’t played any of them for any real length of time, mostly was just to make sure they worked if they were used.


Found out that Mirror’s Edge is now $20 for a new copy, so I picked it since it was the right price. The big news is that BlazBlue was released at the very end of June. Some might scoff at such a proclamation of that game being a big deal, but you are all wrong because it is. Check out NeonNinja’s recent blog if you don’t believe me. I have been watching match vids of it since it came out late last year in arcades and I knew I was going to get it day one, but I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be big into it because I have never been a big fan of Guilty Gear. I like Guilty Gear, but it was never a fighter I was super into. Alas, I was wrong because I am really into BlazBlue! I really like the fact that each character is so unique from one another, more so than any other fighter I can think of. I mostly play Ragna the Bloodedge with my alternate being Iron Tager. I’m thinking about making Rachel Alucard another alternate, but I need to give her more test runs before I decide. I honestly have to say that BlazBlue could be my fighting game of the year. Street Fighter IV has some incredible competition which I didn’t expect from this game. So, yeah, almost entirely just playing BlazBlue. If we are friends on PSN and you have this game, please don’t be a wimp and let’s have some matches. These are the games I like to play and I hardly ever get to play with anyone of my PSN list besides @VixDiesel, @Hart704, and @s0njas0n in Burnout Paradise and I am definitely not popping in that one anytime soon.



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