Games, Blood Will Tell, and Castlevania Video Tips


Raiden Project – A compilation of the arcade versions of Raiden and Raiden II with a few extra options like selectable difficulty and an arranged soundtrack. Was released in North America as The Raiden Project and is much more rare and pricey on the secondary market. I picked up this one for $15 in near mint condition.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins – I already had a greatest hits version, but I found this one locally for $3 in mint condition, so I thought, “Why not?”

Doko Demo Issyo and Koneko mo Issyo – Both of these titles are PocketStation titles for PlayStation that are essentially virtual pet simulators starring Sony’s cat mascot known as Inoue Toro. $10 for both in mint condition.


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 – Physical box with two vouchers, one for the game and one for some kind of Marvel digital subscription which I don’t care about. Anybody who wants to play give me a shout on PSN!

Street Fighter Alpha – Original long box (all plastic variation). This makes my entire PS1 collection complete in boxes which is always nice!

Blood Will Tell (PS2) Review

I recently pulled out Blood Will Tell from the depths of my PlayStation 2 collection to give it a go. I got about ninety minutes into the game and by that point I had enough of it. To put it bluntly: It was one of the most boring action games I have played in a long time. This was very disappointing to me because I was looking forward to it based on gmsnpr‘s recommendation.

This game is based on the the 1960’s manga and anime, Dororo. Very intriguing story, in the manga perhaps, but in this game it is delivered with sub-par English voice acting and is told in a very long and drawn out manner as if it was written for a child. It is very aggravating being that I am a perfectly intelligent adult and I am making very obvious connections way before the stupid, dense characters are. To make matters worse the game’s different mechanics between the swordplay and gunplay seem like they’d be pretty fun, but they don’t gel together at all in that you are either slashing or shooting, but you can’t mix them up together like you can in Devil May Cry. The AI is dumb as a box of rocks too. Most of the time there is absolutely no pressure to engage the minor enemies in combat and they can simply be run past with no consequence. The game was also way too easy for the duration I played it. When I battled the third Fiend, all I had to do was run around to his back and keep slashing because he was so slow. Others Fiends were more “difficult”, but it was more based on the need to dodge their easy to dodge attacks and get a few hits in and repeat ad nausem. And no, do not try to tell me that I didn’t play enough. If I have to slog through 90+ minutes of boring/easy stuff to get to the “good parts” then the game has some big problems, namely quality issues. Nobody is more disappointed than I am that this great idea for an action game was completely screwed up in execution.

I recently heard that jollyroger was having problems with Castlevania (NES) and I decided to upload two videos, one for Stage 4 and one for Stage 5, that offer tips.