Game Acquisition Update – September ’09

I’m back this time powered up with 12 new games that are actually old games. What can I say? I’m going classic gaming cRaZy!!!


First up is the Gate of Thunder 4-in-1 CD that originally came packed with the North American Turbo Duo in 1993. As you can see, Gate of Thunder, Bonk’s Adventure, and Bonk’s Revenge are on the disc. The first Bomberman release for the system is also on there, accessible with a code. Only Gate of Thunder is a CD game on the disc because the rest were originally released as separate HuCard releases and thrown on here as a bonus. Getting this CD was a great savings because separately those 4 games would cost a total of ~$90 instead of the $28 I paid.


Next up we have a strangely named fighting game that has an arcade only sequel. I’m looking to put up some game footage soon for it to give an idea of what it is like. I think it’s a pretty solid fighter with an interesting dual super meter that has an ‘offense’ part and a ‘defense’ part. When they both are full, they combine to give you the ability to do a Critical Art as opposed to an Offense Art or Defense Art.


These three Game Boy games were bought from because of a recent Buy 2 used, Get 1 used free promotion. I had Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge when it was originally released in 1991. It was great then and is still a great Castlevania game now unlike the other Castlevania games on Game Boy. Operation C was one I also played at the time, but never owned and it too is a fantastic portable game. Street Fighter Alpha for Game Boy is an interesting game in that it is actually a very good port of the arcade game. The music is the worst part because it grates on you with how annoying it sounds. Very impressive animation and gameplay which is surprising considering we are talking about a 6-button game being pared down to only 2 buttons. The AI is also exactly like the arcade version for the most part. Overall, Street Fighter Alpha on Game Boy is easily the best fighter for the system and a good fighter in and of itself.


I was out earlier this week and happened to stop by a local place called Buybacks that sells used games as well as other things like used VHS tapes, DVDs, music CDs, and Blu-ray movies. I wasn’t expecting to find anything I’d want, but I lucked out and found a copy of Vampire Night. It was never on my want list, but I knew about it and it always sounded like a fun light gun game with a vampire theme, so I decided to pick it up. Turns out that it is pretty good and was developed by the same Sega team that developed other great light gun games like Virtua Cop and House of the Dead! I also found a copy of Loaded and a long box version no less! Loaded is one of my favorite early PS1 games so I’m glad I found it.


My final shipment of PC Engine stuff for now arrived too. Two more controllers, mainly for Bomberman matches and Dungeon Explorer co-op (which I will get sometime). The green one with orange accents originally shipped with the PC Engine CoreGrafx II and the weirdly shaped (I usually call it the batwing) black one with blue accents originally shipped with the PC Engine Shuttle.

Speaking of Bomberman, I also got Bomberman ’93 which is one of the best games in the franchise and also Mr. Heli no Daibouken. Mr. Heli is an interesting, somewhat unique take on the cute-’em-up sub-genre of shmups.

I have uploaded new videos to my YouTube account showing my Famicom/NES, GBA, and DS collections.

In the coming weeks you can expect more gameplay videos of many of the above games. Until then, arrivederci!



The Higher Energy Video Game System

That title was the slogan for the Turbografx-16, but I thought I’d use it for this blog anyway. 😛 Here is my new console that I alluded to at the end of my last blog:

PC Engine Duo-R
Check out my unboxing of the system here!


This particular version of the PC Engine was released six years after the system was initially released in 1993 and is mainly a color change from the original Duo from 1991. I have had my original Turbografx-16 for 17 years and never had more than the seven HuCard games bought around the time it was acquired. All this time I wanted to get into the system completely and explore more of the HuCard games as well as the CD games too and now I finally can! If anyone is interested in more information on the history of the PC Engine/Turbografx-16, I highly recommend checking out the Wikipedia article.


These are my first two games for the system: Valis III and Winds of Thunder. The Valis series are fairly decent action games and the third one is also on the Genesis and Turbografx-16 too. Winds of Thunder is known as Lords of Thunder outside of Japan and is an excellent side-scrolling shmup with a fantastic hair-metal soundtrack. It was also released on Sega CD, Turbografx-16, and the Virtual Console on Wii. I highly recommend Winds/Lords of Thunder if you like shmups. Check out my video of the game linked in the first sentence of this paragraph.

I will get up some footage of Valis III soon as well as future PC Engine games I get. Thanks for reading!


Ape Escape 3, Pickups

More pickups since my last blog:


Resident Evil – This is the original long box PlayStation version that I had when it originally came out in 1996. I remember walking into a now defunct local game shop and seeing this demoing on one of their TVs and I gave it a try and really liked what I played so I bought a copy of RE on the spot. Since then I haven’t kept up with the series much, only getting RE2 and RE4 since.


Wipeout 64 – I have always enjoyed the Wipeout series, but never was able to try out the N64 iteration of the series. I think this particular game in the series is pretty good and gets a bit too much hate. It is one of the few games for the N64 where I don’t feel the analog stick is more of a hindrance than a help. A good entry that was bested by the PS1 Wipeouts, but still worth playing.

Super Bomberman 2 – I have never owned a Bomberman game before this one even though I’ve always enjoyed them when I rented them. They are always great multiplayer fun! I plan on picking up more in the future.

Sled Storm – I picked this one up and it is a surprisingly good game! It has a little too much of the kind of crap music and “extremeness” from around the time of it’s release in 1999, but still worth playing anyway.


Capcom Fighter Power Stick – I like having at least one good arcade style joystick for each system I play shoot-’em-ups on since it helps me play better. I found this one at a local game store complete and in mint condition except for the outer box which is extremely worn and abused. This stick works really great and has parts that are clearly based on Japanese arcade cabs (short throw joystick w/ square gate and convex buttons), like most sticks that come out now, just with cheaper parts. As you can see in the picture it has two cables, one for NES and one for SNES! This will probably replace my NES Advantage since it is a much better stick.

Ape Escape 3 (PS2)

Last game I finished was Ape Escape 3. This was my first Ape Escape game and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. My favorite thing was definitely the transformations like a knight, a ninja, a form with a genie that accompanies you, and others. The game has a lot of variety because of the transformations and many gadgets you can use so you likely won’t get bored playing the game. The monkeys you capture are humorous too. My main problem with the game was a big lack of challenge, but it was still fun regardless. After reading reviews for the other main entries in the series I doubt I will pick another one up because I got the impression they were all very similar to one another, but I do recommend AE3 to anyone who wants a fun game for their PS2, just don’t expect any challenge.

Keep watching this space because in the next few days I’ll be posting about a new console that will enter my collection with pictures, text, and video. It is one that I have been wanting for a long time and it is finally going to be here. Until then, see ya!