The Higher Energy Video Game System

That title was the slogan for the Turbografx-16, but I thought I’d use it for this blog anyway. 😛 Here is my new console that I alluded to at the end of my last blog:

PC Engine Duo-R
Check out my unboxing of the system here!


This particular version of the PC Engine was released six years after the system was initially released in 1993 and is mainly a color change from the original Duo from 1991. I have had my original Turbografx-16 for 17 years and never had more than the seven HuCard games bought around the time it was acquired. All this time I wanted to get into the system completely and explore more of the HuCard games as well as the CD games too and now I finally can! If anyone is interested in more information on the history of the PC Engine/Turbografx-16, I highly recommend checking out the Wikipedia article.


These are my first two games for the system: Valis III and Winds of Thunder. The Valis series are fairly decent action games and the third one is also on the Genesis and Turbografx-16 too. Winds of Thunder is known as Lords of Thunder outside of Japan and is an excellent side-scrolling shmup with a fantastic hair-metal soundtrack. It was also released on Sega CD, Turbografx-16, and the Virtual Console on Wii. I highly recommend Winds/Lords of Thunder if you like shmups. Check out my video of the game linked in the first sentence of this paragraph.

I will get up some footage of Valis III soon as well as future PC Engine games I get. Thanks for reading!



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