Kakatte Koi!

Hey peeps, Usagi back to talk some more games so here we go!


Yes, I already bought Ninja Gaiden Σ 2! I didn’t expect to do so until I was out and about one day and saw it on sale and thought, yeah, I wanna kick some ass! So far it is definitely much better than when Itagaki was with Team Ninja. Many differences are there that certainly wouldn’t be there if he was still in charge. For one, the easy difficulty is actually manageable for non-masochists while still being challenging and the harder difficulties are still there for people who want them. There are also many more checkpoints that completely refill your health and you get back a large chunk of health when you finish a battle instead of having to gain it all back yourself. In other words, it is a much less frustrating, but still plenty challenging experience than before. The dismemberment is still in the game and the enemies will still try to suicide bomb your ass, but it’s just much less bloody than before. I, for one, am glad Tecmo is free from Itagaki’s ego because now they can and are already releasing more than just DoA and NG with the likes of the action game for PSP called Undead Knights and also the upcoming third-person shooter Quantum Theory for PS3.


Four more PC Engine games this week too!

Dungeon Explorer & Dungeon Explorer II – Excellent action RPG games that are essentially Gauntlet with a fully realized story many different characters to choose to play as, RPG elements, and up to 5-players simultaneously! If that sounds good to you and you have a Wii, download the first DE now! DEII is only on the Virtual Console in Japan, unfortunately.

L-Dis – This is a shump of the cute-’em-up sub-genre that is pretty good with some funny things like the sound of ‘meow’ coming out of certain enemies when you destroy them, at least that’s what it sounds like to me.

Fire Pro Wrestling 3: Legend Bout – The Fire Pro series has always been known for being an excellent series of wrestling games where the gameplay is all about timing your button presses rather than mashing them to win grapples and it’s a great system that is still great today. If you like pro wrestling games I recommend Fire Pro Returns for PS2 since that is the only one to come over to North America outside of the two GBA games.

Tetris (PSP Minis) – I bought the new PSP Minis version of Tetris and I think it is an excellent game of Tetris. It offers 15 neat variants of the game in addition to the usual marathon mode. It even has it’s own achievements that are fun as well. The game is $10 which is definitely too much, but I would recommend it if there is a price drop in the future.

ダンジヨン エクスプローラー


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