The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6

This past week I got a few more things:


DualShock 3 (Metallic Blue) – This is my first DualShock 3 as I have been playing my PS3 mostly with the original SixAxis controller of which I have two. I have always felt the original was a perfectly good controller, but I just liked the look of this controller in blue so I picked one up. There is also a red one too.

Doom (PS1) – I accidentally found this in the original long box version and had to get it. I had this back in the day when it originally came out and it’s a really good port of Ultimate Doom and Doom II on one disc!

Tekken 6 (PS3) – I have been a big fan of Tekken since the original game’s release on the original PlayStation and, like always, I picked this one up day one. Unfortunately, my biggest fear came true with this entry: It is too much like the previous Tekken 5. At first this realization really upset me because I have felt the series really needs to do something to freshen itself up since the last iteration. Since then it has grown on me once I came to terms with it being all-too familiar. I still feel Tekken 6 is the best overall game in the series and if you are new to it or haven’t played it in a long while, this is certainly a good game to start with/get back into it. (My favorite thing so far was being able to make Law look just like Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star!)



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