Games of the Last Month

More recent acquisitions from the past month:


Wild Arms – I’ve owned the second Wild Arms for at least a few years and I finally happened to come across the first one this past month so I snagged it!

Space Invaders Extreme 2 – I enjoyed the first one from 2008 quite a bit and since this is only $20 (like the last one), I couldn’t pass it up once I found one. Recommended for anyone who likes good updates to old arcade games like Pac-Man CE.

Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou – A fighting game that is a sequel to Matrimelee on the Neo-Geo. The series is known as Power Instinct in the west, but most of the games after the very first one haven’t made it out of Japan. I enjoy this series for it’s humorous tone and solid fighting engine. I’ll probably upload a gameplay vid of this game soon since it is very hard to find footage of it.

Crystalis – One of my favorite NES games and it’s an RPG by SNK of all companies! Too bad Nintendo owns it now and all they did with it was a terrible port to the GBC and fundamentally changed the story in the process along with the music too!


Kaitei Daisensou – A pretty awesome shmup were you control a submarine instead of the usual plane or ship of some type. Originally developed by a team at Irem that soon after left to form Nazca Corporation and created the well known Metal Slug series. Known as In The Hunt in the west.

Einhander – A well known Square developed shmup which proves why they need to do more in the genre! The box art here is much better than the bland one we got in North America.

Klonoa Beach Volley: Saikyou Team Ketteisen – A decent sports spin-off of the Klonoa series that you’ll get more out of if you are already a Klonoa fan like myself.

Gunners Heaven – Heavily inspired by Gunstar Heroes, this run-and-gun game is really sweet! Made by Media.Vision, the same people who made Wild Arms.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and everyone have a happy New Year!



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