Kicking Out An Old System And Welcoming In A New System

Last week I welcomed a new console into my video game collection:


As you can see the new console is an original Xbox! This was done at the expense of me selling off my entire meager Nintendo 64 collection. I cannot stress how much I dislike the N64 overall. I didn’t own it during it’s generation, but even after the fact when the cartridge format and pricing of games was no longer a concern, it was still a massively disappointing system! I owned the N64 for the last 5 years and I only ever had a max of 28 games total, most of which were middling or crap with only a few gems. Some gems of the time are completely unplayable nowadays, the most obvious being Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The game was so f’ing funny from what I played, but that controller just does not stand up to the test of time, especially the analog stick and thus ruined any fun I was having. Besides the problem with the controller, the other problem with the system that is still felt today is the complete lack of third-party support for the system in it’s day. Unless you adore what was released by Nintendo and Rare on the system there really isn’t anything to look forward to getting. This seems to be a trend that has largely stuck with Nintendo’s consoles since the N64 and that is why I haven’t cared about their consoles since the SNES. Yes, the Wii gets a ton of third-party support, but it isn’t the kind of quality support I’d like to see. Oh yeah, Nintendo’s controllers have gotten worse since the N64 too.

Games I Owned for the N64:

Sin and Punishment – I still own this one because it is an import game that I’ll have to sell online. One of the few games I liked a lot. I have replaced the back of the cart with a U.S. cart back so it’ll fit into a U.S. machine and the game is complete in box with manual. If anyone is interested in acquiring this game feel free to PM me.

Deadly Arts – crap fighter
Dual Heroes – crap fighter
Hexen – boring FPS
Mystical Ninja starring Goemon – middling action/adventure
Ridge Racer 64 – good looking port of the original RR, but controlled like ass
Wipeout 64 – surprisingly good in the control department, but still not as good as PS1 Wipeouts
Blast Corps – bleh
Dark Rift – crap fighter
Hey You, Pikachu! – bought for a laugh
Jet Force Gemini – controller got in the way of this being any fun
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – never been a Zelda fan, but I’ve certainly given the series a try many times
Rayman 2: The Great Escape – seemed decent
Tetrisphere – decent
War Gods – crap fighter
Wetrix – interesting puzzle game, but way too complex and fast paced
Super Smash Bros. – enjoyed it a good deal
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth – liked it more than is legal
Star Fox 64 – very good
Perfect Dark – enjoyed this a lot despite less than ideal controller
Mortal Kombat Trilogy – pretty good, but audio was extremely muffled
Mortal Kombat 4 – really good port; way better than I thought it would be on N64
Mega Man 64 – much better on PS1 as Mega Man Legends
Mace: The Dark Age – decent fighter
Killer Instinct Gold – decent fighter
Fighters Destiny – pretty damn good fighter
Doom 64 – bleh
Conker’s Bad Fur Day – controller got in the way of me enjoying this game


These are my initial 16 games for the Xbox and I’d say that’s a pretty good start. Most of these were selected because they are shooters that are very faithful to the PC versions or exclusive games I never played, but wanted to. The lone exception is Panzer Dragoon Orta which I played back when I still had an Xbox 360. This means that, yes, I have never played a Halo game ever and it will be interesting to see what I think about them.



Non-Stop Climax Action

More games! These are from a combination of sales and gifts. Also, here is a gameplay vid I did for Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou which I mentioned in my last blog.


MDK 2: Armageddon – The sequel to one of my favs from back in the PlayStation days. I’ll be interested to see how well BioWare continued the series being that it was their first game.

Evergrace – This game is a From Software title from the launch of the PlayStation 2 in 2000. Looks like a pretty interesting action RPG-ish game that seems to have some minor things in common with Demon’s Souls. I may be off by that assertion since I made it with only playing a little bit of it when I was testing it out.


Bayonetta – I’ve been playing this since it came out and it is one of the craziest and most fun action games I’ve ever played! This game is ******* bananas! Like action games? Buy it! That’s all have to say about that.

Resistance 2 – Received this as a gift and have been playing the co-op exclusively and only as a medic so far. Last time I played this was back before the game came out during the beta. Yup, I still enjoy the co-op…fun stuff.

Borderlands & Red Faction: Guerrilla – I bought these two during a buy one, get one 50% off sale at Toys ‘R Us and I haven’t played either one yet.