Non-Stop Climax Action

More games! These are from a combination of sales and gifts. Also, here is a gameplay vid I did for Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou which I mentioned in my last blog.


MDK 2: Armageddon – The sequel to one of my favs from back in the PlayStation days. I’ll be interested to see how well BioWare continued the series being that it was their first game.

Evergrace – This game is a From Software title from the launch of the PlayStation 2 in 2000. Looks like a pretty interesting action RPG-ish game that seems to have some minor things in common with Demon’s Souls. I may be off by that assertion since I made it with only playing a little bit of it when I was testing it out.


Bayonetta – I’ve been playing this since it came out and it is one of the craziest and most fun action games I’ve ever played! This game is ******* bananas! Like action games? Buy it! That’s all have to say about that.

Resistance 2 – Received this as a gift and have been playing the co-op exclusively and only as a medic so far. Last time I played this was back before the game came out during the beta. Yup, I still enjoy the co-op…fun stuff.

Borderlands & Red Faction: Guerrilla – I bought these two during a buy one, get one 50% off sale at Toys ‘R Us and I haven’t played either one yet.



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