Games Update for January

Hey everyone, Usagi back once again to let you know about the gamin’ happening on my end. No new purchases this time (I know, kinda surprising, huh?), but instead some info on what I’ve been playing and what I think about it.

Bayonetta – I finished this a little more than a week ago. Yes, I played the PS3 version and beat it pre-patch. Other than the long load times which were pretty annoying at times, it is a fantastic action game that fans of the genre should not miss no matter what! After the patch came out, I tried it and was very impressed! The load times are completely fine now and the little ones that happened frequently when you picked up items are completely gone, just make sure you install the game with the new install option to get all the benefits. I just wanna put it out there that the game never had any framerate issues worth even mentioning and any reviews that mention it as a problem were written by idiots. Some blew it WAY out of proportion (Giant Bomb, IGN). The only problem worth mentioning ever were the crappy load times, which are now completely fine. Post-patch the game is perfectly playable and enjoyable on PS3 so just choose whichever platform you normally prefer. This game will definitely be a contender for action game of the year by everyone, mark my words.

Borderlands – I started this one right after finishing Bayonetta. I got it in a sale and end of 2009 because it looked like a lot of fun to co-op with others and go around blowing dudes away with a bunch of cool guns. I definitely have been enjoying it and am currently at Lv. 31 with my soldier. The game’s visual style is pretty neat as it is cell-shaded, but more detailed than most cell-shaded games. Borderlands definitely starts out not the best, though. It seems to have this hump you need to get over in order to start kicking ass which seems to be around Lv. 13-15. After that the random weapons seem to start getting much better and much less frustrating as long as you aren’t trying to do missions that are out of your league.

Halo: Combat Evolved – I started this about 10 days ago, but only played past the very first “get off of the ship w/ Cortana” mission. You can thank Borderlands for that! I will probably get back to it this week since I can’t play Borderlands right now because I have my PS3 boxed up at the moment. More on that at the end of this post.

Dark Void Zero – This is an interesting DSi Ware download “NES” game to complement Dark Void on PS3/X360. I got it mainly because I still had 500 of my initial free 1000 DSi points from when I bought the DSi last year. I can say I don’t like it all that much. For one thing, the graphics look pretty unappealing even for NES standards. The color palette is weird and pretty ugly. Also, the game has ground enemies respawn if you go back to the same place they originally were which isn’t something that was endearing about that era of gaming. They also don’t take advantage of the extra buttons on the DSi and keep it to only two buttons just like the NES, which is stupid because makes the game control worse than it would have otherwise. You can only hold a single weapon at a time too, which is pretty damn annoying. All in all, I am not liking Dark Void Zero much, but I’ll be playing it some more soon and perhaps it will grow on me, but I doubt it.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon – Much to my surprise, Hart704 found out that this game and a lot of others hosted by GameSpy on PS2 still have active online play with many of them still with players playing! Since we both have this one I decided to create an account and we played 21 matches online so far. The performance is amazing and was quite fun! Will definitely be playing more of this. Hart704 did a recent post in which he links to video he shot of he and I playing some of MK: A online.

About the earlier mention of my PS3 being boxed up: I am going to sell it on eBay this week because I just ordered a new slim model. With all of the reports I keep hearing from people’s 60GB models giving up on them in recent months, I’d rather sell it now and have it pay for the new one rather than wait until it gives out on me and have it be worth nothing. People love the 60GB model for the backwards compatibility, but I have never needed it. I am selling it with everything it originally came with plus I’m throwing in a second SIXAXIS controller and a 6 ft. HDMI cable too and all in the original box. If anyone who reads this is interested in acquiring this without the hassle of winning my eBay auction, they are welcome to it for $300 + shipping (which would include a tracking number). The system still works perfectly and has never had any problems. My above words are not any indication of problems with the unit. It may very well last for many years longer. I have pictures of everything included too so feel free to ask any questions you may have. Even if I list the auction, you can still PM me here if you are interested.

EDIT – auction is now listed here:

I will still sell it to anyone reading this for $300 + shipping via UPS with insurance and tracking number. If you are seriously interested, PM me.


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