Kazuma Kiryu is Back!

I’m back with some more recent pickups and gaming derring-do!


Crash Bandicoot 2 & Crash Bandicoot: Warped – I’ve already owned these from years ago, but they were the greatest hits versions and I just happened to bump into these original labeled versions that were even complete with their holographic covers.

College Slam – This is an NBA Jam wannabe by the same people who ported the console versions of NBA Jam. I had this back when it originally came out and it’s decent, but clearly slapped together just to make a few bucks.

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game – An excellent port of the great arcade original. Much more of a fighting game than it is a wrestling game and much better than its follow-up, WWF In Your House.


BlazBlue Portable – I’ve been playing this the last few days and it is exactly what you would want out of a portable version of BlazBlue! It is the same super awesome fighting game from last year, but now you can take it anywhere! There’s even a new Legion mode and every character now has an unlimited version unlike the console versions where only a few did.

Yakuza 3 – After a bunch of crap like usual with a local game store whenever I try to preorder anything not popular from them, I just checked GameStop today and they had a copy so I bought it from them instead. To be fair, the problem with that local game store is the crappy distributor he gets his games from, Jack of All Games. I’ve heard so many stories from the owner about how inept they are, but I don’t get why he stays with them because he has now lost 4 game sales from me alone in the past 2 years because of his distributor’s ****. You’d think he’d have gotten the hint by now to go with someone else. And, say what you will about GameStop, but even with the crap they pull at least they get their games in when they are supposed to. Anyway, yeah, I’m really looking forward to starting Yakuza 3 tonight! Watch out you street punks because Kazuma is back to bust heads once again!

Codename: Tenka (PS1) – I tried playing this to put another on my beaten list for 2010, but it just isn’t a competent shooter even for the PS1. The soundtrack is quite good though and I ripped it to mp3 instead of playing the game.

Karnov (FC) – I expected this to take me a little while to beat, but much to my surprise it only took me two dedicated evenings. It’s tough on the outside, but once you get used to how you need to play it Karnov isn’t too terribly difficult.

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure (PS2) – A short, but pretty good action game that had a good sense of scale like God of War and the game is a lot like that franchise, but came 3 years before and I wouldn’t be surprised if this game somehow inspired the creators of God of War at least a little bit.



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