Games of March


Quake II – Since I don’t game on PC and haven’t for quite some time I like to pick up some of my favorite PC shooters for consoles instead, this is one of them.

Gradius V – This one was a very surprising find! Probably the best of the Gradius series thanks to the shooting geniuses at Treasure.

Conker: Live & Reloaded – Last year I tried to play the N64 version when I still had that system, but the poor controller got in the way of my enjoyment so I’m glad I can give it a second try with the Xbox remake.

For Intergalactic Shmuppreciation Month I have played a few shmups:

Star Prince (from Game Center CX for DS) – I was able to 1CC (one credit clear) this one. I’ve always had an affinity for Hudson’s Star Soldier series and Star Prince is a good homage to that series with hidden point bonuses aplenty.

GunDuel (from Game Center CX 2 for DS) – I 1CC’d this too. Another fun 8-bit-esque shooter that is a spiritual sequel to Star Prince, but I feel it has a really fun and interesting weapons system where you can use 2 weapon powerups at once and depending on which one is being used as the primary and which one is secondary will determine what your firepower is like.

Einhander – I’m attempting to just be able to finish this one since I’m new to it, but it is a really great shmup! The different ships with their different number of gunpod slots for the many different weapons adds a lot of variety and experimentation. Being a Contra fan I have to say my favorite weapon overall is the Spreader, but the short range Riot cannon is awesome too since I can take down the first level boss in about 10 seconds with it! Any shmup fan that can play PS1 games should get this game!



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