Yakuza 3 & Otogi

I finished off Yakuza 3 about a week ago and I thought it was very good. The action was tweaked just enough to where I was still having a lot of fun beating the crap out of dudes. Other neat additions was the karaoke, a new game at the Club Sega arcade called Boxcelios, and the chase sequences. None of it added enough to make the game feel substantially different from the previous Yakuza games, but they were neat to have. I feel that Yakuza 3 is a solid step forward for the series and a highly enjoyable game, but I think the next one needs to make some much bigger changes in order to not start feeling stale. I did spend some time with the Yakuza 4 Japanese demo and it seems that you will be in direct control of Kazuma and three others at different point which could be a very good idea to change it up. Overall, I like Yakuza 2 the best , but if you are looking for a good action/adventure game I recommend Yakuza 3.

After Yakuza 3 I started up Otogi: Myth of Demons (XB) straight away and am about an hour into it on level 5. Right away I have problems with the controls since the game defaults to both sticks being reversed and that can’t be changed at all. If only the right stick was reversed I wouldn’t have much of a problem, but the game also reverses the left stick’s up and down looking and that is a real problem for me. The visuals and presentation are very good and it all exudes a mystical, otherworldly feudal Japan style which I find quite interesting. I haven’t played Otogi in a few days because I am waiting for a green Xbox Controller S because my black Controller S is having problems registering a full tilt on the left analog stick and my Logitec wireless controller, while working perfectly, the face buttons on it are a bit cheaper and actually make it hard to get the full height of my double jump. I will be getting back to this soon and hopefully it’ll grow on me since I’m not feeling it a whole lot at the moment which is disappointing since I was really looking forward to playing this game.