From Software Triple Pak


Forever Kingdom (PS2) – This is the sequel to Evergrace (a game I picked up a few months ago). I bought this as a way to test out just like Hart704 did when he bought Metroid Prime Pinball recently. I got this game for about $8 which is fairly cheap and it came in fine condition. If you are looking for some cheap games, especially if they are from last generation, then I recommend checking out Glyde.

Armored Core 2: Another Age (PS2) & Armored Core: Nine Breaker (PS2) – I’ve always wanted to try out the Armored Core series since I liked Omega Boost (PS1) and Zone of the Enders (PS2). In other words: Usagi need more mecha! I know these games have crazy depth and detail so it should be interesting to sink my teeth into them.

Metal Torrent (DSi) – This is an awesome little shmup for the DSi from Arika. You might know them as the creators of the Street Fighter EX series. Metal Torrent has two modes to play: Pattern Mode and Random Mode. All those modes mean is that one has preset enemy patterns that come in the same order every time and the other is random. Within either of those two modes you can select Accipiter (easy difficulty) or Bateleur (insane difficulty). Each of those have a different scoring system which makes the game have much more re-playability and there is even an online leaderboard for each of the four combinations. You can also download and watch replays of the top 10 scores in each category which is also a nice bonus! At only $5, I can definitely recommend Metal Torrent to anyone interested in shmups that has a DSi.

My next big purchase will be the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Big Boss Pack which is just under two weeks away! Take care guys and gals and happy gaming!

あぁ無情 刹那


Keeping It Classy…

…as I always do, just like Dudley (aka, Mr. Diddles).


F.E.A.R. (PS3) – A few months ago I went back through the reviews for this game because at the time it came out in 2007 I got the impression it was a terrible port, but actually reading the reviews showed me that it is a good port just not the best one. Considering I don’t have an X360 and that I found it for cheap, I think I can live with that.

Quake III Revolution (PS2) – Yet another old PC shooter I can finally play again! I played some deathmatches with bots and it is a very good port of Quake III especially considering it was released on a console in 2001. The default controls are garbage as are all of them except the ones denoted as “dexterous.” The only seemingly weird thing about this control scheme is that the jump button is L1, but it actually works very well since Quake III is so fast paced you really don’t want to have to take your thumb off of the right stick in order to jump. All of the maps I played are exact replicas of ones from the PC version which is nice and the graphics are good and everything sounds as it should. Q3R is much better than I expected it to be!

Elemental Gearbolt (PS1) – Found this one recently for only about 1/4th the cost that it normally goes for so yay for that! 😀 This game is an interesting light gun game with a good deal of RPG elements tossed in. I haven’t played much yet because I still need a bigger CRT display for my light gun games because 13″ just doesn’t cut it.

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3) – This purchase will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me. Picked it up on Friday and have been playing it quite a bit since then and I will definitely continue to do so. For anyone like me who already had SFIV from last year, this is simply a lot more SFIV, but that’s a very good thing especially since it includes 10 new characters and many new modes. I actually like a lot of the new entries in this one and I’m glad my favorite Street Fighter Alpha character, Guy, is an extremely good fighter in this game! Cody, Juri, and T. Hawk are the other newcomers I like quite a bit. My last three are the improved Vega and Rose and Ryu is still very solid. If you like yourself some punching fools’ faces SSFIV is a no-brainer!