PSone Collection Hits Triple Digits

Just as I promised last blog, I have more imports to share with you, but I also have a big announcement: The PS1 acquisitions in this blog have pushed my original PlayStation collection over the century mark to a big 102 titles! This is only the second system that I can say that for, the other one being my PlayStation 2 collection which is currently at 160 titles. If you would like to see exactly what these collections currently consist of I recommend checking out my up-to-date list at Google Docs.


NHL 98 (PS1) & NHL 2000 (PS1) – Yes, I picked up two old NHL games, but these were two I actually played back when they came out and while I’m not an actual fan of the real sport I do find them to be a lot of fun to play in video game form. I enjoyed them then and they are still fun to play now.

Dino Crisis (PS1) – I now have this since I got it free because of a buy 2, get 1 free sale at a local store when I bought it with the two NHL games.

Ninja Assault (PS2) – This was a cheap pickup of a decent light gun game in order to better fill out my light gun game collection. Ninjas with guns! 😆


Digital Pinball: Last Gladiators (SAT) – I never knew about this game until I heard about it from someone on a fairly recent podcast talking about the Sega Saturn. I looked it up and it looked great so I bought it since it was very cheap. I’ve been playing it a good deal and it’s a fantastic pinball title with four tables and surprisingly great ball physics which is something most video pinball games get wrong. Last Gladiators has a great soundtrack too!

Vampire Hunter (SAT) – I bought this to replace my copy of the North American version, Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge, because it is incomplete and would cost much more to get again than buying the Japanese version.

Last Bronx (SAT) – This is a decent 3D fighter that is essentially Virtua Fighter 2 with weapons.

Burning Rangers (SAT) – This is a great game with an interesting premise in that you are apart of a team of firefighters… in the future! Clearly inspired by Japan’s super sentai shows, but not directly modeled after them. Lots of high production values for the time. I look forward to playing through this.

Over Drivin’ III: Hot Pursuit (PS1) – If the cover of this game reminds you of Need For Speed III, then you are spot on because that is exactly what this game is. I loved this game back when it originally was released and it’s still good fun today.

Alzadick: Summer Carnival ’92 (PCE) – The second I first saw this game in action I could only think of one game series: Star Soldier. Alzadick is clearly modeled after Super Star Soldier and it shows, but it’s still a solid shmup with a few small differences in the weapons. If you like Hudson’s Soldier series as I do, then you’ll probably like this one too.

ヴァンパイア ハンター


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