Thumbs up, soldier!

Lots of new pickups since my last blog! All of the Saturn pickups are just Japanese version replacements for my recently sold U.S. Saturn collection since I wanted to consolidate my Saturn collection down to just the Japanese stuff.


Jet Set Radio Future (XB) – It’s pretty hard to find JSRF by itself so I settled for the double pack that also includes Sega GT 2002. I put it in briefly to test it out and JSRF seems like it’ll hold up great once I finally get around to playing it.

Star Soldier (PS2) – I love Hudson’s Soldier series of shoot-’em-ups and this one in particular is a remake of the original Famicom/NES game of the same name so I will probably like it.


X-Men: Children of the Atom (SAT) – This game was the first of many Marvel styIe fighting games and was excellent for its time, but has aged poorly. The Saturn version is the only good home port as the PlayStation version had a ton more animation cut and was just an atrocious port overall.

Dynamite Deka (SAT) – Known in the west as Die Hard Arcade, Dynamite Deka is a decent 3D beat-’em-up and a game with one of the earliest examples of quick time events.

NiGHTS into dreams… (SAT) – This is one of the very few games by Sonic Team that I actually really enjoy. NiGHTS is still a great game that still feels pretty fresh and unique which is certainly saying something for a game that was originally released 14 years ago!

Fighters Megamix (SAT) – Probably the best 3D fighter on the Saturn, Fighters Megamix is an interesting mashing together of Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers not only of each games’ rosters appearing, but also of each games’ respective fighting engines which you can switch between in the options menu. Lots of unlockable characters as well, such as the Daytona car from Daytona USA and even Pepsi Man (only in the Japanese version)!


Marvel Super Heroes (SAT) – The second of the Marvel styIe fighting games and a huge improvement over X-Men: CotA. Marvel Super Heroes still holds up well today and has an interesting use for the Infinity Gems where activating any one of them can give you temporary power-ups like life regeneration, increased damage dealt, increased speed, and more.

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (SAT) – A well-known arcade basketball game that is still a fun time and the Saturn version is an excellent port of the arcade version.

Virtua Cop & Virtua Cop 2 (SAT) – Two of the best light gun games from the early-to-mid 1990s before Namco’s Time Crisis arrived on the scene. Highly recommended if you have a Saturn since they are extremely cheap to get, but definitely play with an actual light gun because the controller never works as well.


Fatal Fury Special (SNES) – I recently got myself a used 27″ CRT TV and was playing the Neo Geo version of this game on it for testing purposes and found out that not only does FFS still hold up well today, but I also put the SNES version in and found out it is a really great port of the original, better than I remember in fact!

Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventure (SFC) – Twinbee is a great series of cute shoot-’em-ups normally, but this spinoff is a neat platforming action game!

Jaki Crush (SFC) – The Crush series of video pinball games are pretty well-known and are my favorites in the genre. Jaki Crush in the one of the three that isn’t well-known and was the only one of the three not released on the PC Engine/Turbografx-16 and also not released outside of Japan. A shame because it still provides a great game of pinball.

Hoshi no Kirby 3 (SFC) – Also known as Kirby’s Dream Land 3, this is a great Kirby game that a lot of people probably missed out on because of its extremely late release on the Super Nintendo in 1997, right in the middle of the PS1 era.

Area 88 (SFC) – Known as U.N. Squadron in the west, Area 88 was based on an anime/manga of the same name. Probably Capcom’s best shoot-’em-up, but that’s not saying much for Capcom even though this game is actually good unlike most of their shmups.

Pokemon Pinball (GBC) – A decent 8-bit portable video pinball game, but nothing stellar.


Alien Crush & Devil Crash (PCE) – These are the two of the Crush video pinball series that everyone knows about that I alluded to earlier. Both are still excellent pinball fun and are totally worth getting. They can be played on the Wii via the Virtual Console and are highly recommended! If you can’t get enough after that double dose of awesome pinball there’s even a direct follow-up to Alien Crush on WiiWare called Alien Crush Returns. [Devil Crash is known as Devil’s Crush outside Japan.]

Super Star Soldier & Soldier Blade (PCE) – Remember Star Soldier for the PS2 from earlier in this blog? Well, these two are the first and third entries of the series on the PC Engine/Turbografx-16 respectively. You may remember two blogs ago I picked up Final Soldier, the second of the three Soldier games on the PC Engine. All three can also be had on the Virtual Console.



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