Pick 5… Favorite PlayStation 2 Games


God Hand
One of the most crazy and fun action/beat-’em-ups ever. Lots of awesome moves to unlock and use and a ton of humorous moments. If you like your action super challenging and satisfying look no further. God Hand gives the term hardcore new meaning!

Yakuza 2
A super involving game in a very convincing living world modeled after real Japanese locations with characters you really get attached to. Want to stop by the arcade and try your hand at winning a prize from the UFO Catcher? Go ahead. Afterwards, have some fun at the batting cages and then maybe you’ll want to get something to eat at a local cafe or have a few rounds at a bar. All of this is possible and more and that’s not even the main game! Yakuza 2: bust some heads then flirt with some ladies at the hostess club.

Guitar Hero
I enjoy myself some rhythm/music games and at the time of the original Guitar Hero’s release it was a breath of fresh air and a ton of fun! I played the crap out of GH and as stale as this particular type of music game has gotten since then I can’t deny that at the time it was one of the most fun gaming experiences to be had!

God of War II
Without a doubt one of the best action games ever and easily the best looking game on the PlayStation 2, God of War II took everything great about the first game and upped the ante tenfold. Epic action and breathtaking vistas is what God of War II is all about!

Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil
A masterful platformer that does a lot with the few controls it gives you, Klonoa 2 is a fun game with charming characters that is an underrated classic that deserves a play.

– No fighting games appear on the list. Not something I planned I assure you!
– All games on the list are PlayStation 2 exclusives.


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