Welcome To Die!

Coming up soon on my next blog I will have my Game of the Year Awards for 2010 posted so look out for that! In the mean time here are my last video game purchases for 2010:


NBA Jam (PS3) – All I need to say about this is that EA did a fantastic job keeping what made the old Midway NBA Jam games so great and included online multiplayer and new play modes. If you are looking for a new Jam done right, this is it!

Demon’s Souls (PS3) – Much has been said about this game’s difficulty and when I get around to playing it I’ll have to see if that is legit or just came from a bunch of people who suck at video games. Either way it sounds like a good ol’ fun hardcore time! I got a greatest hits version because Amazon had it bundled with the artbook and soundtrack for about $23 recently so I couldn’t pass it up even if I’d prefer to have a non-GH version to match the rest of my PS3 collection.

Rockman 3 (FC) – This is the lone Mega Man game on my Top 50 Favorites list so I was glad to finally pick it up for my Famicom. The slide added in this installment is what makes this game better than Mega Man 2.

Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima (FC) – The start of a solid platforming series by Hudson better known outside of Japan as Adventure Island. Later games are more well-refined and have better balanced difficulty, but this one is still a pretty good game today.

Street Fighter II Turbo (SFC) – I picked this up to have for nostalgia purposes because the Super Nintendo Street Fighter II games were where I played them the most even if I did play them in arcades first. I ordered a copy of Super Street Fighter II along with this one, but I received SFII: The World Warrior instead which I already had so I’m trying to get this corrected soon.

Puzzle Quest 2 (DS) – I really enjoyed the first Puzzle Quest a lot. It’s mix of Bejeweled-esque gem matching and RPG is a great combination! Hopefully this will be just as good if not better.

X-Men (PS3) – This is a game I played a good deal of back in 1992 when a local arcade got it in. It’s pretty legendary for its huge 6-player, double-screened cabinet and that’s what made it so much fun. Unfortunately this is a beat-’em-up that is much shallower than most games in the genre already are which means single player isn’t very good, but get online with 5 others and you’ll have a good deal of fun with all of the chaos going on!



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