The Super Famicom Rocks

I’m back with more Super Famicom goodness. Currently playing: Max Payne 2 on Xbox


Rockman & Forte (SFC) – An interesting release in that this game was released exclusively in Japan for the Super Famicom in 1998; a time when the PlayStation and N64 were in their prime and the Saturn was ending with the Dreamcast about to begin. Eventually it was localized and released in the west for the Game Boy Advance as Mega Man & Bass in 2002.

Super Aleste (SFC) – One of the few great shmups on the Super Famicom (aka. Space Megaforce in North America).

Final Fight 2 (SFC) – A good follow-up to the first, but being a SNES developed game makes it much easier thanks to the system’s somewhat slow CPU.

Super Tetris 3 (SFC) – A good version of Tetris that includes two interesting variants in Sparkliss (a sub-variant of Bombliss) and Magicaliss and a 4-player multiplayer mode.

Smash TV (SFC) – A fantastic port of the frenetic arcade original spiritual follow-up to Robotron 2084.


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